3 Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes!

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3 Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes!

Today I’m gonna show you 3 Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes! The colors I use really make your blue eyes pop, and make them sparkle even more. Wanna know how? Then keep on reading!

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes

I have put 3 eye looks together for you guys; a bronze/brown look, a purple look, and a rosy pink look. These colors make your blue eyes really stand out in my opinion! I’m gonna tell you step by step how I created these looks! Let’s move on the the first look šŸ™‚

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes 1

The first look is this beautiful bronzy/brown look! I really love these warm tones, and I almost wear it everyday!

Of course the first thing I did was priming my eyes! I did this with every look. Don’t forget it! It really makes your eyeshadow stick on your eyes, it blends better and stays good on your eyes all day without slipping and sliding.

On picture 1 I took an orange eyeshadow and blended it all over my eyelid. After that I took a more bronzy toned eyeshadow and layered it over the orange color, so you get a deep/bright copper tone. On picture number 2 I grabbed a matte chocolate brown color and blended it into my crease. Make sure to blend well to get a smooth line! On picture 3 I went back in with the orange color and bronze color and carefully pressed it on the middle of my eyelid as well as on my bottom lash line, to bring the orange color back in because I lost it a little while blending. Now I blended it even more to make it seamless. On picture 4 I lined my upper and lower waterline for more definition! Now only some mascara and look 1 is completed!

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes 2

Now onto look number 2!

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes 3

This one I also like very much. We all know that warm toned eyeshadows make blue eyes pop, but I think purple does a very good job in that as well. this look is my second favorite to wear!

In picture 1 I grabbed a pastel blue-ish purple color, and blended it on my whole eyelid. After that I took a light shimmery purple and layered it on top, so it was a little bit more pigmented and more purple. On picture number 2 I took a dark matte purple and blended it in my crease. It’s almost the same what I did as with look number one, but now with purple. When my crease is darkened up a little and there is more definition going on, I again lined my upper and lower lash line! Now some winged eyeliner! I used a metallic black/dark grey gel liner for this! Now pop on your mascara and your done!

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes 4

Now on to the third and last look!

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes 5

I never really wear pink, so this was kinda new to me too! But I must admit that I do really like it! What do you think? It is a soft look, not too heavy and very romantic!

To create this last look, I put a bright pink color on my whole eyelid and blended it well! Next step I grabbed a darker pink/brown shade and popped it in my crease. After that I decided that I wanted more shine, so I grabbed some gold shimmer and popped it on the middle of my eyelid. This looks much better! More pop the better, haha! Next I lined my eyes again and this timed I tide-lined my upper lash line as well! Some mascara and we’re good to go!

Pinit3 makeup looks for blue eyes 6

TADAA! What do you think of these looks? I am very happy with them and I hope you are going to try and recreate these looks! I have blue eyes, but of course you can wear these looks with every eye color!

I hope you all liked this post! I will definitely make more blog posts about makeup looks!


What is your favorite eye look? Which color do you wear the most on your eyes? Let me know in the comments!


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X- Sam.



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