5 Foundation Tips For Dry Skin!

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5 Foundation Tips For Dry Skin!

I guess everyone with dry skin knows the struggle with foundation! I have some tips for you on how to get a flawless face even when you are having extremely dry skin!

When you have dry skin and your face is covered in flaky skin patches, it’s very hard to pull off foundation. Most of the time it looks even worse than when you started. The foundation is clinging to the dry patches and makes them even more noticeable, YUK! I’ve struggled with this problem for years, and I have finally found the answer! You don’t need to stay away from foundation anymore when having dry skin!


Tip 1: Make sure to take care of your skin!

I know this has nothing to do with foundation, but in order to have a flawless face you need to do this step! Of course you always need to take care of your skin no matter what, but if you want your foundation to look as best as it can you need to make sure you illuminate the flakiness as much as possible! Moisturize your skin every morning and evening, use facial oils, tone your face, cleanse your face well if you wore makeup so you don’t get clogged pores. Don’t forget to do a peel-off mask once a week to remove dead skin cells, and the thing that really helped me with my dry skin is to use a scrub twice a week. POOF away skin flakes!

Tip 2: Primer!

Primer makes sure that your foundation doesn’t slide off during the day, but it also smooths the dry patches down. So don’t forget to also put some primer on those dry areas! Keep those flakes at bay!

Pinit5 foundation tips for dry skin (1)

Tip 3: Choose the right foundation!

Looking matte is super popular, but if you have dry skin you really don’t want to go on that road! Dry skin (because it’s dry) already looks quite matte, oily skin looks mostly shiny. So putting on a matte foundation on dry skin, it’s gonna look way more dry than it already is! In order to keep a foundation matte, there are no oils, moisturizer or anything in the foundation that’s why it looks matte, because it’s a really drying formula, sounds logic right? So do you really want to have a dessert face? I don’t think so! Go for a dewy foundation, it might have less coverage, but at least you don’t look like a Sahara! In most dewy foundations are a lot of moisturizing ingredients and vitamins that also nourish your skin during the day! You look way healthier and your skin looks way less dry.

Tip 4: The right application!

Do not disturb your flaky skin with rubbing or swirling on the foundation! This acts like a mini exfoliation, and you don’t want that because it makes them even more noticeable! Instead of using your hands or a brush, choose a beautyblender of some kind. Wet the sponge and dab the foundation into the skin. That way the flakes lay flat on the skin and you don’t see them as much! Maybe it takes a little longer then with a brush, but a beauty sponge melts the foundation into the skin for a much more flawless look! Leave the skin flakes alone guys, don’t wake them up!

Tip 5: Don’t use a ton of powder!

When your foundation is looking amazing you of course want to set it in place! Don’t powder your whole face! Only use powder on the places you do get oily during the day, and yes even people with super dry skin have oily spots, so don’t lie! I set my foundation under my eyes, my chin, a little bit on my forehead and a little on my cheeks next to my nose. The rest I leave alone!

Pinit5 foundation tips for dry skin (2)

That were my tips on how to get a flawless foundation face for dry skin! I hope you liked it!


Do you have problems with your dry skin? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Being Graceful Blog
    May 27, 2016

    Great post, have you any recommendations for peel off masks? Xx

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 27, 2016

      Glad you liked it! I use the ones from Dr. Van der hoog, but I don’t know if you can get that brand from where you live. I still need to try some other brands myself! Which brands are you using currently? X

      • Being Graceful Blog
        May 27, 2016

        To be honest I don’t use them at all so I will have to look for a good one. I just use the Clinique’s version of the Clarisonic to exfoliate it face a few times a week over and above my other products. Xx

        • Beauty-Blush
          May 28, 2016

          Yeah that’s also nice, I have one too from Philips! Good luck finding one! If I see something I will let you know! 🙂 X

  • Ash
    May 29, 2016

    Great tips Sam. I really agree about good skincare. Glycolic peels or pixi glow tonic works wonders too. Glycolic fix pads are quick alternative that works for me. I love pampering my skin and that has helped achieving a good base over time.

    Ash | http://www.mstantrum.com

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 29, 2016

      Thanks for reading love! And yes since I stepped up my skincare game I see a lot of difference in how my foundation looks! Skincare does wonders! X

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