5 Spring Must Haves.

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5 Spring Must Haves.

It’s almost Spring! YAY! Finally! That means that the thick fluffy winter coats are no longer necessary anymore, but what DO you need when Spring comes around the corner? These are the 5 things I can’t live without when Spring arrives!

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Number 1:
I think this is one of the best things you need to have when the sun begins to shine! A good moisturizer with SPF in it. It’s getting warmer so our skin is getting dryer, and it is very important that it has SPF in it because we don’t want to end up like a lobster or a snake that is losing it’s skin, IEWLL! Make sure to protect your skin guys you only have one!

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Number 2:
This one is of course very stylish to have but also good for your eyes! Yes, I mean sunny’s! Of course they protect your eyes, but I don’t think that that’s the reason why we wear it, haha. I love sunglasses, and I must admit that I have quite a collection going on, but sstttt! It really makes an outfit stand out in my opinion, If you have different kind of sunny’s in all kind of shapes and colors, it’s really fun to play around with it!

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Number 3:
The flowers outside are all blossoming right now and of course you want to smell like fresh roses too! So pick a nice fresh perfume and make your self smelling Spring fresh! I know that perfume is always nice to have, but it makes me really happy when wearing a fresh perfume in Spring. I just love it! Don’t you? It just really takes you in to the “Spring mood”.

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Number 4:
Because it’s getting warmer, you don’t want to walk around in your winter jeans! It’s nice to have some nice leggings. They are much lighter than jeans and look a lot better when it’s nice and sunny outside. I also have quite a collection of leggings, and I still want more with super cool prints. The variation you can have with them is huge! AND, I know it’s getting warmer but it’s still too cold to wear a cute dress all by itself, and that’s also why these babies come in handy! Now you can still wear that cute little dress you already bought for Summer, because you couldn’t wait 🙂

Pinit5 spring must haves 5

Number 5:
The last thing! The sun is waking up, but sometimes it can still be chilly outside, especially in the mornings! Invest in a good denim jacket, it’s worth it! They are quite fashionable these days and really appropriate for Spring weather! You can style them in so many ways! You can buy a formfitting one or a baggy one like I have. Pop a nice legging and cute top on and BAM! You’re Spring proof! Another bonus is, they are so comfortable!

This was it for today, I hope you beauties enjoyed reading this, and let’s all count down to Summer! I hope you all had a wonderful day!


With what can’t you live without during Spring? Let me know in the comments!


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