A Busy Week! | Dear Diary Week 12.

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A Busy Week! | Dear Diary Week 12.

This week I had quite a busy week! A lot of appointments, making DIY’s, working on my blog, going to the night market and having a migraine. Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I cleaned up the house a little bit, and made some DIY’s for my blog. After that we went for a ride with our scooter, and sat by the beach for a while. For dinner we grabbed some MacDonald’s, and back home I wrote a post, took a shower and watched a series.

On Tuesday I reorganized some things around the house. In the morning I had an appointment, and in the afternoon my mom came by because she needed to drop off something for me. I also felt a little crafty again, so I decided to pimp up some old things with a marble design.

Pinita busy week dear diary week 12 (5)

For dinner I made chicken soup, it was the first time for me making it, and it turned out very delicious! In the evening I gamed with my boyfriend and watched an episode of a series together.

On Wednesday I went to work in the morning, there was a new volunteer and I needed to teach him the ropes. After work I rushed home to drop off my things, because I needed to go to my mom. She had an appointment at the hospital for her breast cancer check up, and I went with her for some support. After that we went to the city to get some things. She also treated me on an ice-cream, yummy!

Pinita busy week dear diary week 12 (2)

After that I went home and had some dinner. I wrote a post and again watched my series.

On Thursday I had an appointment again, ugh. after my appointment I chilled on my phone a bit and went to my local drugstore to get a face mask and some slippers. Back home I started a new little project for my blog that will be up next week, a little hint, it has something to do with “Orange is the New Black” If you think you know what I’m gonna do, let me know in the comments! šŸ™‚ After that I took a nice relaxing shower, and did a full body scrub and face scrub.

Pinita busy week dear diary week 12 (6)

It was the first time I’ve used these products and I must say I really like it, and it smells amazing! In the evening I watched a movie and went to bed.

On Friday I slept in a bit. I watched some YouTube and pampered myself a little more with my new face mask.

Pinita busy week dear diary week 12 (3)

After that I also did a nose/chin/forehead strip for blackheads. Now I’m all fresh and new! I also wrote another blogpost and ate something. After getting dressed for horse riding I went to the riding school. It was a little bit of a chaos because there was a competition going on, on my riding school. We needed to ride in the grand hall and the group was pretty big. It didn’t go too well today because we didn’t have much space this time, but ow well. Back home I got changed because there was a night market in town. We went to see the little stalls and bought a yummy slushy. Back home we watched some tv and went to bed.

On Saturday I had a little chill day. Watched some YouTube and painted my nails.

Pinita busy week dear diary week 12 (4)

I did my makeup and went to my workplace for a BBQ, it was quite fun! At home I watched a series again.

On Sunday I woke up with a migraine. I guess this week was a little much for me. I guess you’ve also noticed there wasn’t a Pamper Sundays up yesterday, now you know the reason why. I didn’t do much. Just laying in bed sleeping, taking a shower and sitting on the patio for some fresh air. In the evening I felt a little better luckily, and I played a game on my iPad. I watched some tv and went to bed to sleep it off.

That was my week guys. I hope you all had a lovely week! And I’m sorry that there wasn’t a Pamper Sundays yesterday šŸ™


What is your favorite ice-cream flavor? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    July 13, 2016

    Drukke week zo te horen! Ik hoop dat het goed is gegaan met je moeder in het ziekenhuis?
    Die maskers van Freeman wil ik ook nog eens proberen!

    • Beauty-Blush
      July 13, 2016

      Ja gelukkig is het allemaal goed gegaan! Freeman heeft echt fijne maskers, ook fijn dat ze in zo’n grote tube zitten! X

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