Allergic to mosquitoes? | Dear Diary… #8.

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Allergic to mosquitoes? | Dear Diary… #8.

Welcome to another week of Dear Diary! This week is all about booking our vacation, baking a cake, and am I allergic to mosquitoes? See what else I did this week!

This Monday I watched some YouTube and made a new blogpost. The weather was lovely so we sat outside for a while! I felt a little dizzy today, I get that constantly lately, so annoying! In the evening we went to Domino’s with a friend and later that evening me and my boyfriend watched a movie.

On Tuesday it was again a chill day! I slept in today, but I still didn’t feel better. Maybe it’s the weather, then it’s raining and cold and then it’s sunny and hot, maybe my body is just confused. For breakfast I made some yummy scrambled eggs, and in the afternoon I played around with my makeup and sat outside. We had dinner and in the evening a friend came to visit!

On Wednesday I went off to work in the morning. It was quite a busy workday, there were not so many people and we also needed to catch ducks, because they were free to go! After work my boyfriend picked me up and brought me a milkshake. Back home we sat outside and after that we went to the local drugstore to pick up some things, this is what I’ve got.

Pinitdear diary week 8 (2)

we also went to pick up some groceries, and cooked some dinner. I uploaded a new post, and later that evening we watched another movie. I got three mosquito bites today, which I’m allergic to… I got one on my leg, my arm and my hand. It is terrible itchy, rock hard and super swollen. I hate mosquitoes!!

On Thursday I had an appointment. After that I sat outside for a bit and decided to give my makeup brushes a good scrub.

Pinitdear diary week 8 (3)

All clean now! Luna was getting crazy and kept running around in the house like a Luna(tic). But it was quite funny, haha! We also booked our vacation to England for October, first time I go on vacation, I’m a bit scared but I guess it would be a lot of fun! I also organized my makeup stash again, because it was a bigg bigg mess! I showered and made a super delicious Lemon Yoghurt cake, nommm!!

Pinitdear diary week 8 (4)

In the evening we sat outside and I did a word search. We also watch another movie.

On Friday I watched some YouTube and dyed my eyebrows and shaped them a little. I did a little photo shoot with Luna, she is not so photogenic, it’s always a bit difficult to take a nice picture of her, this is the results!

Pinitdear diary week 8 (1)

My StyleTone arrived, yay! Love the products in this months box! If you didn’t read my unboxing yet, don’t forget to take a look! I made some photos of the products, and tested them a little.

Pinitdear diary week 8 (5)

In the evening I went horseback riding again, it didn’t go too well this time, the “steering” of my horse were a little bit broken, I guess, haha! Back home we watched some tv and went to sleep. I again got two mosquito bites, grrr, one on my jaw and thumb this time! My thumb was all red and swollen, I couldn’t even bend it, it felt like it was about to explode!

Saturday was a calm day. We tidied up a little, and my parents in law came to visit! We sat outside and had some dinner. In the evening I wrote a post and we watched “The Fault In Are Stars” I love that movie!

On Sunday I was starting a little sick, so I didn’t do much! Just some tv, YouTube and blogging!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, hope you had a lovely week!


Did you do any fun things this week? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Rachelle
    June 13, 2016

    I’m allergic to mosquitos myself! I get welts the size of small dinner plates if I’m bit. >.<

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 13, 2016

      So glad I’m not alone! Haha 🙂 I hate those things!

  • Iona
    June 14, 2016

    OOO you’re coming to the UK?? Where are you going in the UK, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂 also, your cat is very cute, I love tortoiseshells! x

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 14, 2016

      We’re going to stay in Brighton, but we also gonna see some other places of course 🙂 I’m very excited, my first time going anywhere so also a bit scary, but it’s gonna be fun! 🙂 And yes she is indeed, she is the sweetest! Thanks for reading! X

  • Dinja
    June 15, 2016

    Die cake ziet er echt heerlijk uit (recept! haha).
    Ik heb ook echt een hekel aan muggen, ik heb er nog niet veel gezien of gehoord (wat ik meestal het ergste vind aan muggen) maar misschien komt dat nog wel.

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 15, 2016

      Haha! Inderdaad van dat geluid krijg ik ook echt rillingen, vreselijk! Ik ga dan ook echt niet slapen voordat ie dood is 🙂

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