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Hi guys! I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to post more haha. This day started not the best unfortunately… Last night was horrible as I just couldn’t get to sleep. I went to bed having a major headache because of my period that just started. I don’t know why but always the night before I need to go to work I can’t sleep at all. Anyway I was just tossing and turning, I was all sweaty, head pounding and my mind just didn’t want to shut up.

Hours went by and still no sleep so I already knew what was going to happen, all the stress from all the festive days, my period and then no sleep? Yup I ain’t working tomorrow and I was right. My alarm went off and I was not feeling it, my head was not feeling better in the slightest, it maybe even got worse and my baby making factory hurt like hell so nope. I called off work and went back to sleep but still a few hours later and still was feeling so tired. Perry kicked me out of bed with the motive that I otherwise couldn’t sleep at night which he was right about, he did wake me up with cuddles so I didn’t really mind. 🙂

He made me breakfast, what a sweetheart, and I took some paracetamol which in the end, spoiler alert didn’t work for a freaking flip! I watched a little bit of YouTube and started to make some Etsy listings after that. I already had products good to go so I already made those listings. I still need to figure out how everything works but I hope I will get the hang of it soon. I also had an order being delivered today which came surprisingly early which was nice. I had a gift card still lying around so I bought myself some things for my shop, some labels and punch letters, and some more yarn so happy me again. Fun fact that this was an emergency haul as I already had ordered labels over 2 months ago from AliExpress, never had any problems but of course the one thing that is super crucial didn’t come…

I wanted to open my shop in the beginning of January and didn’t want to wait on those stupid labels as those were the only reason why I couldn’t open my shop but oh well I’m drifting away in my rant lol. When I opened my package I went ahead with making labels, I only ordered 10 labels just to begin with, the quality isn’t great but it’s better than nothing. I sewed everything on my finished products and I’m so happy with them, they look so good!

Tomorrow is finally the day I’m gonna launch my shop, I’ve waited long enough and now the day is finally here! Tomorrow is picture making day and creating listings. Of course I will tell you all about it in next times post so I will see you all tomorrow!

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  • Sylvia
    January 3, 2019

    And your headache? Over?

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