Ardency Inn – Punker Semi-Goth Lip Gloss | Review.

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Hello beauties! Today I’m testing and reviewing another really special product. I’m reviewing the Punker Semi-Goth Lip Gloss from Ardency Inn that transforms every lipstick into an edgy vibe. So if you wanna know more and see if it really works then keep on reading!

Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss

I got this interesting looking lip gloss a while ago in one of my StyleTone boxes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a review about it but I think it’s such an interesting concept that I had to show you guys.

Although it does look like a chunky eye pencil (that’s what I thought it was when I first saw it) it is actually a lip gloss. When I think about lip glosses I think about tubes, not pencils, and also not black! Don’t worry it’s not as black as you might think, it’s a really sheer black.

Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss

With this lip gloss you can make all your everyday lipsticks into an edgy night time lipstick. It’s a sheer shiny black lip gloss that darkens your lipsticks. You can use it on top of every lipstick, underneath lip gloss or even on its own for if you don’t want to commit to a super solid black lip. It contains coconut oil to soften the lips and Vitamin C and E to moisturize and protect. It’s also 100% cruelty free and vegan!

Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss
Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss

Here I swatched the lip gloss on my wrist so you can see what it looks like on its own. Like you can see it is a shiny sheer black gloss. I know it’s sheer but I can already tell that it’s not everywhere as pigmented so that can cause some problems!

Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss

Here I put a bunch of lipstick colors on my arm to see how it looks like with different shades and if it makes every shade look nice. All the top shades are the normal lipsticks and the shade below it I’ve put the Semi-Goth Lip Gloss on top.

I think this product looks its best on top of red shades. I thought it would look cool on a nude shade but it makes it a bit of a weird looking grey color. Also the coral shade on the bottom looks a bit weird. Like I already said with the normal swatch, it does look kinda patchy which concerns me a little.

Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss

On my lips I went for the bright pink lipstick. On the left side of my lips it is just the lipstick and on the right side it’s the lipstick with the Semi-Goth Lip Gloss on top.

Pinitardency inn punker semi-goth lip gloss

This is how it looks when I put it on both sides.

It’s a hard decision whether I like it or not. I think the concept is really nice and I do like the shade it gave me on my lips but I don’t know how I feel about the patchiness. If it wasn’t patchy I think I totally loved it, it’s such a shame! It did look better on my lips than on my arm because you can rub your lips together so it blends in a bit more, but I still do see some black spots which I’m not fond of. It does feel really comfortable and stays on as long as the lipstick underneath. It doesn’t stain or wear off weirdly. The only downer is the patchiness and that it looks weird in combination with some shades, but other than that I totally adore it! This would make it so easy to transform your day look into a night look!

– The Ardency Inn Punker Semi-Goth Lip Gloss retails for $19.00.

That was everything of today I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you next time!


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