Beautiful Hair With The Products From Urtekram.

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Hello loves! The weather is finally getting better again so yay for that, just find it such a bummer that it’s super windy… you can’t have everything I guess. This week has been a bit bleh so far as my period started and having so many cramps and headaches. On the other hand the good news is that I’m collaborating with the amazing organic brand Urtekram which is a Scandinavian brand with some amazing beauty products, from hair care to body care.

I got send some hair products of their Coconut line and I can already tell you that they smell amazing! It of course smells like coconut but a really nice sweet coconut which I really like.


Urtekram is the largest organic wholesaler of Scandinavia, they market organic foods in the categories processed food and frozen food, certified organic care products as well as products intended for people with allergies including lactose and gluten free products.

I’ve got the Coconut Shampoo, Coconut Conditioner, Coconut Hair Oil and the Coconut Leave In Spray Conditioner. The other plus is that all their products are vegan, fragrance free, allergy certified and not tested on animals!

Let’s take a look at these wonderful products!


The Coconut Shampoo I find really nice, it lathers nice and smells delicious. It makes my hair nice and clean without feeling dry which is nice.


The Coconut Conditioner is also really nice, it smells the same way but it’s a brown color. It’s not a really thick and slippery conditioner which felt weird at first and I thought it wouldn’t work as well as my other thicker conditioner but it actually does make my hair really soft and tangle free, it also seems to add shine to my hair.


After my relaxing shower I of course need to put some hair care products in it. I start with putting the Coconut Leave In Spray Conditioner in my hair which has the same awesome scent. It makes my hair really shiny and soft and I really love this product.


After that as finishing touch I put the Coconut Hair Oil in my hair which helps so much to tame frizz. My hair is always so frizzy but when I put this in my wet hair it dries so defined and frizz free and the nice thing is that all these products make my hair soft without making my hair feeling greasy!

I love these products from Urtekram and I definitely recommend all these products, and you know what all their products are under €10! So it’s also very affordable as well.


I love how healthy and shiny my hair looks right now so make sure to have a browse through their products.

I’m definitely gonna keep using it and enjoy it for as long as I can, that was all from me guys I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will talk to you very soon!

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  • What Corinne Did
    June 25, 2018

    Your photography is amazing! I am so glad you like the range! I had never heard of it but i am always on the look out for some new hair products! My hair needs some care!

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 30, 2018

      Aww thanks so much lovely! Maybe you should check them out? I’m also always on the hunt for good and affordable hair products 🙂 X

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