Beauty Favorites!

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Beauty Favorites!

It’s favorites time! These are the products that I’m totally hooked on at this moment. Some are old loves and some are new love affairs:) These are my favorite skincare products, hair products and make-up products that I am using.

Let’s hop into the first product! I’m gonna begin with skincare.

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Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Alcohol-Free Toner (Normal/Dry Skin):
I’ve never heard of this brand, but I wanted to buy it because it was for dry skin and, without alcohol! I have very sensitive skin and always get irratations if I put stuff on my face, so I need to be careful with things I buy. I’ve tried alot of toners in the past. They were stinging and burning on my face and I would get red patches all over my face and my skin would feel really dry. With this one I have no problems, it doesn’t hurt or burn and it does what you would expect from a toner! It doesn’t leave my skin dry at all. So if you have dry sensitive skin like me and looking for an alcohol free toner, this is the one!

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Dr.Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Facial Oil:
After the shower my skin is always very very dry, so it needs a little help, and that’s when this Facial Oil from Dr.Organic comes to the rescue. I always use this in the evenings. You only need three drops so a little goes a long way. It is all organic so perfect for people that are sensitive for chemicals. I just pat it carefully everywhere on my skin also my eyes and lips. It gives a real boost to thirsty skin and I don’t find it quite oily on the skin. If you don’t use much, the skin will absorb all of it and your face won’t feel oily at all. Because it is an oil I was really scared of breakouts, but nope not even one! My skin looks really healthy and glowy after I applied it:)


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Biodermal P-CL-E Fluide:
This is a moisturiser for skin that needs a little bit of help. I also had problems finding the right moisturiser. I would break out or still had dry patches and irritations. Than I saw this one and hoped my skin would tolerate this one. I started using this a week ago and I already see improvements. My dry patches are gone, less breakouts than I had before and my skin looks calmer and more even. The smell of this product is amazing I just can’t stop smelling it! It has kinda a babysmell to it but then a little different, but really relaxing:).


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Nivea Soothing Cleansing Mousse for Dry/Sensitive skin:
This is just a cleansing foam. I use this one in combination with my Phillips VisaPure. It works good in combination, it takes all the dirt and make-up off my face, and my skin likes it aswell. I use this everyday to take off my face make-up. My skin feels soft after it and totally not dry!
Now it’s time for some hair products:

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Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage-Mask (with liquid keratin):
I have very breakable hair all my life and it will easily snap off or I’ll get split ends, so I need something strong. Instead of conditioner I always use a 1-minute mask in the shower, I find that that works a little bit better than just regular conditioners. Now I am using this one from Gliss Kur and it is really helping my hair after the shower it is supersoft and easy to brush if it’s dry. Since I used this my hair is alot more stronger!


Pinitbeauty favorites 7

Gliss Kur Liquid Silk Detangling Spray:
Another Gliss Kur product. This spray I use almost everyday. It’s not oily and it makes my hair really soft and easy to comb. I always get huge knotts in my hair and this helps to get them out. It leaves my hair smelling nice and super shiny. It looks alot healtier.


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Inecto Pure Coconut Smoothing Hair serum:
This serum I use everyday in my ends to keep them from getting dry and split. The left over oil that i have on my hands I run through my whole hair to add a little bit of shine. It smells really nice but surprisingly not like coconut, but still a really nice smell. It keeps my hair soft and looking healthy.

Now time for some make-up stuff:


Pinitbeauty favorites 9

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother:
This is in the color 040 Coffee To Go. It is a lipgloss like thing but less sticky (that’s why I never buy lipglosses). It is just a nude color and it applies with a soft applicator. I like that it is attached to the tube itself. It is a nice product for dry lips because it doesn’t dry. It leaves a nice shine on the lips aswell. So a really nice product!


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Maybelline Browsatin:
Mine is in medium brown. It is a duo pencil, it has a really small pencil tip which I really like, and a powder tip. You first fill in your eyebrows with the pencil tip. I like that it’s that small so you can draw them so they look like natural brows. Then you go over it with the powder tip to fill any gaps. I really like this one, it is just everything you need in one product. And I really need it aswell because my natural eyebrows are non-excistant…


Pinitbeauty favorites 11

Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow Pencil:
This one is in Smoky Chocolate. I used this one alot like you can see. I like the thick pencils way more than the skinny ones. It is harder to poke yourself in the eye with , that’s one. I’ve always liked brown pencils more than black. If I wear a black one I just look like a ghost or a panda. I like that it has a smudge tip aswell, really handy!


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Maybelline Lash Sensational:
This one I already discussed on my blog so I’m not gonna bore you any further with this one. If you wanna know more about this mascara than go read my other post: Maybelline vs Maybelline.


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Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette:
I also discussed this one on my blog already, so if you wanna see the review on this one go and read my other post: Makeup Revolution The I Heart Chocolate Palette.


I hope you liked my favorites post! Any questions? Leave a comment!
I’ll see you next time and,

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  • Eilish
    February 2, 2016

    Die toner ga ik eens opzoeken! Mijn huid is zoo droog.. velletjes overal. Veryy annoying!

    • Sam BeautyBlush
      February 2, 2016

      Ik had die toner toen der tijd van de kruidvat, weet alleen niet of ze m nog verkopen. Het leek een tijdelijk ding, maar wie weet:)

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