BH Cosmetics | 88 Color Palette.

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BH Cosmetics | 88 Color Palette.

I’m gonna review this gorgeous BH Cosmetics palettes for you guys, so be prepared for many swatches! I have this palette for a while now and I’m very excited for this one! Keep reading if you want to see these pretty colors in action!

Pinitbh cosmetics 88 color palette 2

This review is about the BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette Matte Eyeshadow! It has all the colors of eyeshadow you need in your life!

Pinitbh cosmetics 88 color palette 3

Look at them! They’re so pretty and vibrant! I really love the colors in this palette, and there are a lot! I find this palette perfect for a more extreme look or for a nice pop of color on the lid and keeping the rest simple. It says it’s a matte eyeshadow palette, but there are some shimmery shadows in it as well, so it’s not all matte. Most of them are matte, and I don’t really mind the shimmery shades because they’re also very lovely. The shimmery eyeshadows are for the most part on the right side of the palette. It is a nice consistency, it’s a soft powder and blends well into the skin. The pigmentation is also very well, but I must say that some of the shadows are way more pigmented than others. The only problem with these shadows that they are a bit on the powdery side, so you do get a lot of fallout. If you don’t pick up a lot of the shadow it isn’t that bad though.

Let’s take a look at some swatches!

Pinitbh cosmetics 88 color palette 4

I just picked some random colors from the palette. Like you can see the darker ones are much more pigmented. Most of them are just one swipe, but the yellow, green, light purple and the light blue needed an extra swipe to really show up on the skin. I am really impressed by the matte black shadow! It’s a really nice deep and very pigmented black. I also really love the burgundy red and the bright pink, they are my fave! And o my gosh, look at that silver shimmer on the end, isn’t it just perfect?

Pinitbh cosmetics 88 color palette 5

Here I have some of the colors on my fingers before swatching them on my arm. They are so vibrant, I love it! But you can also really see that they are quite powdery!

Okay, let’s see the results!


  • Many colors for every occasion, from nudes to crazy colors!
  • Nice pigmentation, show up very vibrant on the skin.
  • Good formula, blends well.
  • The matte shades are perfectly matte and the shimmery shades are also very pretty.
  • This palette isn’t very expensive.


  • Very powdery, so a lot of fallout.
  • Some colors especially the lighter ones aren’t as pigmented.
  • It says matte eyeshadows, but they’re not all matte.


I think this palette is a big winner! What do you think?

Pinitbh cosmetics 88 color palette 6


What is your favorite color of this palette? Let me know in the comments!


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