Bioré – Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips | Review.

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Hi guys how are you all doing? Today I’m reviewing a skincare item as it was just such a long time ago that I did. Today I’m reviewing the Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips. I also made a very gros after shot so if you don’t wanna miss that then keep on reading haha!

I got this one in a beauty box a while ago, this is only a sample one, of course when you buy it yourself you will have more than just one in a box. I love how satisfying nose strips are and I never tried them from Biore before so here we go.

Pinitbiore pore strips

This is what the back of this sample package looks like, it’s all in Dutch so I’m really sorry English friends. On the back it just says how you need to use it and the cautions and ingredients. I don’t see anything weird with the instructions, it seems that it just works like every other pore strip. In short, you cleanse your skin, make your nose wet so it will adhere, peel the plastic off the strip with dry hands and place it on the nose, leave it on until it hardens. Peel it off slowly and carefully.

Pinitbiore pore strips

When I open it up this is what’s inside and it’s basically the same as I showed you in the previous image but this time it IS in English!

Pinitbiore pore strips

Now finally after 2 layers of packaging we can finally see the strip. It looks like any other strip to me but only in black. It does have some slits in the middle to make it fit better but you can’t really see that on the picture.

Let’s put in on my nose now shall we?

Pinitbiore pore strips

Tadaa! There you have it, me with a black nose! It applied really easy and the fit was really nice. I have an average size nose so most of them fit well but this one felt really comfortable and it didn’t have any bubble and sticks very well without peeling off. It’s looking very positive till here!

Pinitbiore pore strips

Here a little up close look, it’s black so you don’t really see much details unfortunately.

Now let’s peel it off, if you don’t like seeing these things I’m very sorry!

Pinitbiore pore strips

Alright it’s not that bad and I am actually a little bit disappointed. I haven’t done this in a while so I thought a lot more would come out. I do see some on there but it’s really little. I think it takes out around the same amount as any other pore strips. I thought because of the charcoal it would have been more effective but oh well. I think if it comes to nose strips it doesn’t really matter if you buy the most cheapest one or a really expensive brand. I did like using this one but I’m not overwhelmed by it or hooked so that’s a shame!

– The Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips retail for €7,05 for 6 at Kruidvat, £6.33 for 6 at Boots, $5.64 for 6 at Walmart.

That was everything from me again guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!

Pinitbeauty blush

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