Bluxbox Unboxing – March 2017.

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Bluxbox Unboxing – March 2017.

Hi loves! Today we’re unboxing another Bluxbox! This month was all about skincare, so if you love skincare and beauty boxes then keep on reading!

A little information about Bluxbox:

Every month Bluxbox ships 4 to 6 beauty products in a lovely box, they will send you sample sizes or full sizes in the categorie makeup, skincare, haircare of perfume. Bluxbox works together with The Netherlands well known makeup artist Mari van de Ven. Mari helps picking out the best products every month. Besides that, Bluxbox gives away a “Golden Ticket” every month. With this ticket you can win a full makeover by Mari van de Ven! Bluxbox is the biggest most used beauty box of The Netherlands, and it’s the best way to discover new beauty products! The Bluxbox retails for €14,95 a month.

Pinitblux box march 2017

The theme of the month March is Skincare Favorites. This month’s box contains 5 skincare products that are Bluxbox favorites!

Pinitblux box march 2017

EMK Beverly Hills – Supra Face Cream (travel size).

EMK Beverly Hills is a luxury brand that is the world leader of skin treatments against aging. Their products are made of super ingredients to prevent aging and provide protection. This cream is calming for the skin and also of course prevents aging. It also helps with discoloration of the skin by UV. This cream sounds very interesting and nice and I can’t wait to try it out! The EMK Beverly Hills Supra Face Cream retails for $142.00 or €134,00 (full size).

Pinitblux box march 2017

Kueshi – Pure & Clean Astringent Toner (full size).

The next product is the Kueshi Astringent tonic that controls excess oil in the most likely areas. Soothes and comforts the skin, while taking care. It provides a light freshness because of the alcohol, degreasing the skin deep. I don’t really like that it contains alcohol because that makes your skin very dry, but it’s worth a try right? The Kueshi Pure&Clean Astringent Toner retails for €5,70.

Pinitblux box march 2017

True Organic Of Sweden – All You Need Is Me (full size).

This All You Need is Me Cream is from the organic brand called True Organic Of Sweden. This cream is multi functional, you can use it on your whole body! You can use it for dry nail-beds, heels, elbows, or lips. It also works great for insect bites, eczema and sun burn. I really want to try this cream it sounds like a dream coming true! The True Organic Of Sweden All You Need Is Me Cream retails for $27.76 or €26,05.

Pinitblux box march 2017

Monu Spa – Rosewood Reviving Mist (travel size).

This is Rosewood Reviving Mist from Monu Spa. This mist is really refreshing and hydrates the skin. It also sets your makeup! You can also use it as a body mist to freshen up on hot summer days. This mist smells amazing and I will definitely be using it! The Monu Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist retails for $23.00 or €21,45 (full size).

Pinitblux box march 2017

Maybeauty – The Incredible Face Mask (full size).

This is one of the face masks I always wanted to try, it’s a peel off black charcoal mask! This mask will clean your pores deeply and removes dead skin cells so your skin will feel super clean after it! The Maybeauty The Incredible Face Mask retails for €25,00 for 8 face masks.

Pinitblux box march 2017

Bonus Product: Eslor Introductory Collection.

This is a little sample set from Eslor with 4 samples: The Soothing Refiner and Cleanser, the Botanical Peeling Gel, the Chlorophyll Lifting Mask and the Firming Collagen Day Cream. I’m very excited about these things and I would love to try them. If you’re interested in these products go to and use code ‘BLUX’ for free shipping!


Alright guys that were all the products from this month’s Bluxbox! I love everything from this box and I like that this box is all skincare, I love makeup products but I also really love skincare. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!

Do you live in The Netherlands or Belgium and want your own Bluxbox? Then click HERE!


What would you rather receive? Makeup or skincare? Let me know in the comments!


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