Cailyn – Mummy Whipping Bubble Mask.

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Cailyn – Mummy Whipping Bubble Mask.

Hello lovelies! Face mask time! Today I’m gonna review and put on the Mummy Whipping Bubble Mask by Cailyn. It’s a very unique mask, so if you wanna know more about it then keep on reading!

Pinitcailyn mummy mask

I got this sheet mask in my previous StyleTone box and I was really excited to try this out! It looks just so unique! I already tried a bubble mask before in one of my Pamper Sundays posts but that was a clay mask. This is the first time I try out a bubble sheet mask!

Pinitcailyn mummy mask

The packaging looks really nice. It’s a black and white matte packaging, except for the face that it shiny! It looks really luxe. You can see some bubbles on the background and the face with the mask on. I hope it’s gonna be as spectacular as the picture!

Pinitcailyn mummy mask

This is the back of the sheet mask. There is some information, ingredients and an instruction guide with pictures on how to apply the mask.

“A first-ever, truly innovative “Whipping bubble” sheet mask that utilizes the advanced technology of oxygenated cleansing bubbles imbued within a unique mold-inducing microfiber to create a soothing and softening whipped-like formula that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin.”

The key ingredients are; Tocopheryl Acetate as antioxidant, Arginine for moisturizing and Betaine as anti-irritant.

First you need to cleanse your skin and remove all your makeup, then you open the packaging and unfold the mask and put it on your face. The bubbles start to form after only 3 seconds. You need to remove the mask after 3 minutes and massage the residue in to the skin. After that you wash your face thoroughly and you’re done 🙂

Pinitcailyn mummy mask

This is what the mask looks like on my face. You can see the tiny bubbles, but not as much as I had hoped for! It smells really fresh and it felt really nice on my face. It only tingled a bit around my eyes, but I can say it is sensitive skin approved!

Pinitcailyn mummy mask

After 3 minutes I took the mask off my face and I was left with a bit of foam on my skin. I massaged it in and rinsed my face thoroughly under some warm water.

Pinitcailyn mummy mask

After the mask my face felt really clean and fresh. My skin feels soft but also a bit on the dry side even though the mask said it was also hydrating! I did notice a difference on my blackheads, they look a little less visible which is amazing! Because my face feels a bit dry it’s also feeling a bit tight, but that feeling went away after some time. I didn’t get any reactions from this mask which I’m really happy about because most of the time my face gets a bit red, so for all the girlies out there with a sensitive skin, this mask is definitely sensitive skin approved! (I must say I always get a bit scared with new face masks for how my skin is gonna like it or not).

I really like this face mask! It leaves my skin looking so nice! Although I really like this mask it’s a bit of a shame that it didn’t really look like the packaging! I was expecting a lot more bubbles.

-The Cailyn Mummy Whipping Bubble Mask retails for $28.00 (for 4 sheet masks).


What is your favorite type of face mask? Let me know in the comments!


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