Almost Ready…

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Hi guys! I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to post more haha. This day started not the best unfortunately… Last night was horrible as I just couldn’t get to sleep. I went to bed having a major headache because of my period that just started. I don’t know why but always the night before I need to go to work I can’t sleep at all. Anyway I was just tossing and turning, I was all sweaty, head pounding and my mind just didn’t want to shut up.


Empties #16 | December 2018.

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Hi guys! I think it’s never been this long that I haven’t talked to you all. I’m so sorry I’m really busy lately with wedding stuf and Christmas stuff and then this gloomy weather that didn’t really help with taking photo’s. Still we survived and we’re finally here with a new empties post. The empties just keep on coming lately and I have so many empties right now, so we at least have enough empties to make a post out of for months!