Beautiful Hair With The Products From Urtekram.

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Hello loves! The weather is finally getting better again so yay for that, just find it such a bummer that it’s super windy… you can’t have everything I guess. This week has been a bit bleh so far as my period started and having so many cramps and headaches. On the other hand the good news is that I’m collaborating with the amazing organic brand Urtekram which is a Scandinavian brand with some amazing beauty products, from hair care to body care.


Dyeing My Hair Copper Using The L’Oreal Feria Preference In 7.40 Mango Intense Copper.

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Hi guys! Sooo, I did it! I dyed my hair bright copper. I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair copper for a while now and I finally did it so I thought why not share the process with you guys. So if you wanna know how I got my hair from pale blonde to this fiery copper color then keep on reading!