Revamping Our Home | Part 1.

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Hi guys! I hope you all have had a nice week, mine was a bit chaotic as we have a major leak in our house and we can’t ride our scooter anymore so we now have nowhere to go as our scooter was our only transport and a wet house… great! On the other hand I did pick a wedding dress this week so there are also happy times 🙂 Now about this post.


Who Am I? | Life Update.

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Hi guys! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time, but don’t worry because today it’s a Life Update so I will tell you all about it and the reason why I’ve been so MIA. I think you all noticed that I haven’t been as active around here and my social media. Lately my mental health is not the best so I needed some time off which I didn’t even noticed that I did, time goes by so fast lately!