Our Wedding 10-05-2019.

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Hi guys! Here we are with the long awaited wedding post. It’s already almost a half year ago but still very much worth to share. They always say that your wedding day is the most wonderful day you will experience and that you will never forget, and let’s just say I was a bit sceptic but it actually was the best day of my life so far, I know super cliche!


I Took A Little Break, Here Is Why! (+little update)

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HI guys! long time no see I suppose. I think it has been 2 months  since my last post and I know I’ve taken breaks a lot this year but that was because I had struggles with what I wanted to do with my blog, this time it’s a little bit different and it actually was not a break that I wanted to make but I had to make, and today I will tell you why!