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Valentine’s Day Makeup Look 2019.

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Hi guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I have something for you guys that I haven’t done in a long while and that is a makeup look. It has been such a long time that I properly did my makeup and created something more creative, but I must say I haven’t unlearned it. I mean it’s Valentine’s Day so for this special occasion I dusted off all my makeup and made some art, lol.


Step Up Your Makeup Game, Make It A Challenge!

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Hi guys! Today I have something for you guys I’m really excited about. Some time ago I discovered something that changed my makeup world and it has something to do with the decision roulette. I have quite some makeup but I kept using the same products, or I didn’t know what kind of makeup look I wanted. Now with the power of this that’s in the past!


Revolution – Eyebrow Pomade Medium Brown | Review.

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Hi guys, how are we all doing? I finally have some new makeup to review! I haven’t bought makeup in months and now I finally did including this eyebrow pomade from Revolution. I’ve been filling my brows in with powder for years now, 1 because the pomade that I had was too light and had a greenish tint which wasn’t very nice and 2 it dried out completely. I didn’t use it much but now I really want to have another go at it!