Catrice – Ultimate Colour Lipsticks | Review.

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Catrice – Ultimate Colour Lipsticks | Review.

Hi guys! Today I’m reviewing the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks from Catrice, I have 2 of them, a nude shade and a bright one, so if you wanna know what I think about them and see them in action then keep on reading!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

Here they are, the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks from Catrice! They look really fancy with their black shiny tube. They’re metal instead of plastic which also gives them a more luxury feel.

They say it’s a highly pigmented lipstick that is smooth and creamy and longlasting. These lipsticks aren’t matte, they have a really nice shine.

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

I have the shaded 310 Red My Lips and the shade 020 Maroon. There are 14 shades available so there is a color for everybody!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

Here I have them swatched on my arm, this was just one swipe so highly pigmented? I do think so!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

020 Maroon:

This is the shade Maroon, I have this shade for quite some time now so this one looks a bit different. This is a really lovely nude shade, it’s a brown/orange nude which I think is really pretty. Definitely a good lipstick for during the day time!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick
Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

This one is half way gone already so I think that means something good right?

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

Here I swatched it on my lips for you guys, it looks a bit more pink in the picture but I promise it’s more of a browny nude!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

310 Red My Lips:

This is the shade Red My Lips which is a beautiful bright red shade. It’s more of a blue toned red than an orange toned red, but I really love it. It’s the perfect shade of red!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick
Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

This one is a little bit newer like you can see, also the placement of the brand’s name is different now, I do like it this way.

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

Here you can see Red My Lips on my lips! Like you can see it’s a gorgeous red shade!

Pinitcatrice ultimate colour lipstick

These lipsticks are really beautiful and creamy! They apply like a dream because they are that creamy. They are also super opaque, so you only need one swipe! They do have a lovely shine to them, but if you like matte lipsticks more, then they are not really for you! I don’t really agree with the longlasting part. They transfer really badly, there was a time it was literally everywhere! On my hands, on my glas, and even on my fork! That is something I hate with lipsticks. They also don’t really hold up when you eat, the whole inner part disappeared (not that pretty). So if you’re going out for dinner this lipstick isn’t your best choice! It does stay on really nicely if you don’t eat or drink though haha! Removing it went really easy so I do like that!

All by all I do really like these lipstick, although they transfer like crazy I do think setting them with powder will help that problem a lot. The range of colors is amazing, but you do need to keep in mind that you do need to re-apply this lipstick during the day. I’m not mad at it, it’s a great lipstick for a wonderful price!

– The Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks retail for $6.99 or €3,99 each.


That was it for today guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


Have you tried Catrice lipsticks before? Let me know in the comments!


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