Christmas Gift Ideas For Him!

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him!

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna share some of my Christmas Gift Ideas For Him! Last week I did a gift guide for her but today it’s all about him! So if you have no idea what to give him this Christmas then keep on reading!

Today I have 4 Christmas Gift Ideas For Him for you guys, I tried to be a bit creative, but men are just a lot harder than women. Last week I did a Christmas Gift Ideas For Her, so don’t forget to check that one out as well!

Pinitchristmas gift guide for him

Fragrance Gift Set:

Let’s start with the most standard gift! A fragrance gift set. Every man likes to smell nice, and if you get this gift for your man you also get something out of it. It’s a really standard gift, but I think that every man still appreciates it. You have many different kinds to choose from, with body lotion, showergel, or shaving balm.

Pinitchristmas gift guide for him

(DIY) Phone Case:

I guess every men likes their technology. How nice would a new phone case be, right? Of course you can buy one, but it would be a lot more fun to DIY one. I have a Phone Case DIY on my blog if you want to check it out! You can also make a DIY tablet sleeve or other nice DIY techie things. He will wear this case on his phone with pride šŸ™‚

Pinitchristmas gift guide for him

Pamper Surprise For Guys:

Most of the time they won’t admit it, but guys also like to get pampered! Buy a nice cozy bathrobe, and some men beauty products. You can pick, face creams, shaving things, face masks for men, hair stuff. It really depends on what he likes, pamper wise. If he’s really into skincare, you can buy some skincare things, but if it’s a guy that doesn’t really do anything pamper wise you can just buy shaving creams and shampoos, I bet he’ll use those šŸ˜‰

Pinitchristmas gift guide for him

Beanie Treats:

Men and food… The way to a men’s heart right? I guess you can make everyone happy with their favorite treats! This gift will keep their heads warm and their stomach filled. Buy a cool beanie and fill it up with his favorite treats, I bet he’ll love it! Wrap it up in a cute way and you’re done!

Pinitchristmas gift guide for him

These were all my Christmas Gift Ideas For him! I hope they were helpful! I know men can be hard sometimes with gifts, so I wish you all good luck picking out some amazing gifts!


What is the most amazing gift you’ve ever gotten? Let me know in the comments!


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