Clothing Haul | Shoplog #1.

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Clothing Haul | Shoplog #1.

The first shoplog on Beauty-Blush, YAY! I went shopping earlier this week, and got some pretty nice things! Summer is coming, so that means new summer clothes! Wanna know what I bought? Watch with me!

It’s the first shopping haul on my blog, and I hope I can do a lot more of them in the future. Have fun watching and reading, lovelies!

Last Monday I went shopping because I was in desperate needs of new summery clothes! All of the things I have in my closet right now are super-duper old, so I really needed some new things! I went to Action, Kruidvat, Takko, C&A and H&M. (If you don’t live in the Netherlands I’m sorry because everything is in Euro’s…) Okay, here we go!

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.2

I know these aren’t clothes, but I also needed this, haha! I first went to Action and bought some ankle socks. I didn’t have any, but I think long socks will look a little weird in shorts…. They’re 3 pairs of black ankle socks and they were very cheap! After that we went to the Kruidvat (A local drugstore), and I bought a scrunchie and some cable hair ties.

-Black ankle socks: €1,79.
-Scrunchie: €2,99.
-Cable hair ties: €1,99.

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.3

After that we went to the Takko! It a is very cheap clothing store, and the clothes are pretty nice! I got these two tops, one in white and one in navy blue. They are both the same cut; a little baggy and a deeper racer-back. I really like the pattern on these tops, it’s a bit Bohemian, which I loveee!!

-Both tops were €7,99.

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.4

I also got these two vests from Takko. I didn’t really have thin vests in my closet, so now I have! Again a little bit Bohemian style. And they are so soft, love how feminine they look!

-Black and white tassel vest: €12,99.
-White lace sleeve vest: €15,99.

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.5

Here a little close up from the sleeve from the white vest. It looks super cute, what do you think? 🙂

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.6

After that I went to C&A. I did not buy a lot here, it was just not catching my eye! But I did buy these two things. Look at that adorable backpack, I’m totally in love! I also got a light-weight long pants. I really like these patterns, and it’s quite funny that they’re matching a little, haha!

-Backpack: €19,90.
-Pants: €14,90.

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.7

The last shop I went to was the H&M! I got these two basic shirts. A red/orange shirt with a little chest pocket and a bigger round neck, and a black V-neck. The black shirt is a little see-through, but I don’t mind!

-Black shirt: €14,99.
-Red shirt: €9,99.

Pinitclothing haul shoplog 1.8

These items are also from the H&M. Another long light-weight pants in a green/brown color. A little bit more neutral. A black with white dots flowy shorts, and another top, orange with birds. A nice bright summer color!

-Black & white shorts: €9,99.
-Orange top: €9,99.
-Brown pants: €14,99.


I really like my new clothes! I’m ready for summer guys! What do you think of the things I got today? It was a fun day, but tired I was. I hope you all liked this first shoplog!


What is your all time favorite clothing piece for the summer? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    May 25, 2016

    Wat een leuke dingen heb je geshopt! Vooral die vestjes zijn erg leuk!
    Bij de C&A zie ik tegenwoordig ook weinig leuke dingen, terwijl ze een paar jaar geleden zulke leuke items hadden 😮
    Mijn favoriete zomerse kledingstuk is een jurkje ^_^

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 26, 2016

      Bij de C&A is het idd altijd een beetje een gok, soms wel soms niet! Ik ben niet echt een jurkjes persoon helaas 🙁 ben meer van de wijde zomerbroeken^^ dankjewel voor het lezen X

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