Daytox – Clay Mask & Daily Hydration | Review.

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Daytox – Clay Mask & Daily Hydration | Review.

Hi guys! Today I’m reviewing some samples from Daytox. I will review their Clay Mask and their Daily Hydration cream. I must say that these 2 products didn’t exactly impress me, so if you wanna know why then keep on reading!


I got these 2 samples quite a while ago, I guess it was in my Christmas advent calendar. They looked very nice and I really wanted to test them for you guys. It didn’t really impress me, but you will read about that later on in this post. When I looked it up on the internet I could only find this brand on Dutch webshops, so I don’t know if they also sell it internationally, alright let’s go on to the review!


Of course it are sample sizes so I couldn’t really test them out many times. These products are all for acne prone skin because they will treat impurities, I guess that’s why they call their brand Daytox.

The Clay Mask supposed to deep cleanse your skin. It has a smoothing, clarifying and moisturizing effects, especially for stressed and impure skin. It removed impurities while leaving your skin silky smooth.

The Daily Hydration is a facial cream which offers you an all round protection. It’s full of good vitamines and oils to refresh your face and repair damaged skin cells.


Daily Hydration:

I love a good moisturizer, but this one just didn’t do it for me. I like a facial cream that applies easily and seeps into the skin nice and quick. This one completely failed on that part. The cream smelled really weird so did the clay mask, they smell like dish soap which is not the best scent, it almost feels like I’m ready to blow some bubbles haha! The cream is white and looked really nice but when I put it on my face it just didn’t seep into my skin, it didn’t matter how hard I tried it kept moving around leaving white streaks. After a whole lot of time it finally worked but who has that much time to put on a moisturizer? Not me! It did hydrate my skin, but not super intense, not like my normal everyday moisturizer. I just didn’t like it, it was hard to work with and smelled horrible!


Clay Mask:

On to the second one, the Clay Mask. This was almost the same story. This one smelled even more like dish soap, YUK! The mask was a light beige color with black dots in it. I had the same problem putting it on my face. It was moving around and it was sitting really weirdly on my skin. Most masks attach to the skin but this one was just sliding around doing its own thing.


On this picture I just applied the mask. You can see how weird it looks on my face, I really don’t know what to think, it almost looks like I put butter on my face. It’s just so streaky and I couldn’t get an even layer, you can see random patches that didn’t stick to my skin.


This is what the mask looked like when it was almost dry. It dried white weirdly enough, but you can still see the empty spots. It did seep into my pores which is a good thing!

The instructions said to leave it on till it’s dry and then wash it off, that’s what I did. My skin did feel clean but it was feeling really dry, so it didn’t really moisturize in my opinion. I still had the same amount of blackheads and pores so also that didn’t change. I don’t know what to think about this mask. It basically did nothing…

These products are not really for me, of course they can work for other people but I don’t think that I will buy a full size of this.

– The Daytox Clay Mask (full size) retails for €19,99 at Douglas.
– The Daytox Daily Hydration (full size) retails for €24,99 at Douglas.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What is the worst product that you’ve ever tried? Let me know in the comments!


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