Dear Diary… || Week 3

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Dear Diary… || Week 3

This week summer arrived! That means a lot of sun, ice cream and enjoying the lovely weather! This time in Dear Diary; longboarding, scooter rides, ice cream, mothers day and a lot more! Wanna read with me?

Pinitdear diary week 3.2

Monday 2nd of May 2016:

Today was quite a boring day, I didn’t feel too well, so I didn’t do very much. I chilled a bit on the couch watching YouTube. We ate some Macaroni and sat outside for a little while. After that I felt a little bit better, so it did me good! Back inside I wrote a post for my blog and ate some yummy chocolate. I love this new one from Milka 🙂 I took a nice shower and watched a movie. I was a relaxing day for me!

Pinitdear diary week 3.3

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016:

I again watched a bit of YouTube, the obsession… I went to town to buy some presents for mothers day this Sunday. I went with a nice little goodie bag, with makeup bits and skincare products! Hope she’ll like it! We sat in the sun for a while, which was so nice. We also tidied up a bit in the house and changed some furniture. Looks much better now! For dinner we went to the Mac Donald’s, and of course I wanted a caramel sundae 🙂 Back at home I spend my time on the internet and watch a movie again.

Pinitdear diary week 3.4

Wednesday 4th of May 2016:

Today I went to work, It was quite a calm and normal day at work, not really anything special. After work we sat in the sun again and I was left with some nice rosy cheeks, oops! I really wanted to go longboarding again, it was such a long time ago, so we went to town on our longboards to grab an ice cream, delicious! After that we bought some groceries and ate some dinner. After dinner I had a little appointment, luckily it didn’t take very long. It was still a little bit sunny outside, so we decided to go for a scooter ride. We ended up at the beach. It was almost sunset and looked very pretty. We made some funny pictures, haha. It was really nice to sit there. At home we again watched a movie. It was such a lovely day today! 

Thursday 5th of May 2016:

I slept in a little today, because I was quite tired. It was a real summer weather today, so again we sat outside enjoying the sun! After that we went inside to cool down a little, haha. My cat is shedding a lot of hair lately, so it was time to give her a good brush session 🙂 Because the weather was pretty nice I decided to take her outside, to also give her a little bit of sun. My cat is always quite scared, so she doesn’t really like to go outside, but I think fresh air will do her good sometimes. After some struggles she ended up sleeping between me and my boyfriend, which is so much improvement! When we wanted to go inside I let her walk through the hall way ( I moved rooms with some one, and I wanted to know if she knew where our door was) She ran to my old door, haha. The person who lives there now also has a cat, Luna was so confused because she thought that we still lived there, which was hilarious! She met with his cat and she was real sweet to her, I was quite surprised that she liked the other cat 🙂 When we got home she was soo tired, haha. We ate some pizza and after that I cut Perry’s hair. We went for another scooter ride and I also wrote another post. We watched an episode from 60 days in and we went to sleep 🙂

Friday 6th of May 2016:

I needed to make my legs summer ready. So I decided to buy some hot wax. It was the first time I did a hot wax, but it all went well, and I’m really liking it, for me no shaving anymore! We went outside for like half an hour and after that we needed to make dinner, because I needed to go horse riding again! Because of the lovely weather, we ride outside. That was the first time for me on that riding school, but it was very nice and relaxing. I really liked it! Caretino was a little bit annoying today and he was a little scared, but all by all, it went really well. When we got back home we sat outside for a bit and had a nice chat. After that we watched a movie.

Pinitdear diary week 3.5

Saturday 7th of May 2016:

It was a calm day today. I didn’t really wanted to do anything, because I didn’t sleep well 🙁 It was quite hot, we sat outside for a little while. We ate something and after that I wanted to write a post, but I wasn’t really feeling it today I was kinda down, so I decided not to write. We went for a long scooter ride to clear my mind a little, and look at that view! Back home I took a lovely shower and we sat outside with something to drink. After that we watched some tv, and that was that for today!

Pinitdear diary week 3.6

Sunday 8th of May 2016:

Today was mothers day. In the morning I chilled a little bit and cleaned some things up. I got dressed and wrote a card for my mom. Because it’s mothers day I went to visit my mom today. It was fun, and she liked the presents! 🙂 After that we went to my parents in law, to have a BBQ. Also a lot of fun, although it was quite hot in their garden, haha. Back at home I had a little bit of pamper time and wrote my Pamper Sundays post. It was a little late so after that we went to sleep!

I hope you all had a lovely week!


Did you do something fun this week? Let me know in the comments!


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