Dear Diary… || Week 4

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Dear Diary… || Week 4

Another week gone by! This week me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years! Yay! This week is all about new products, skin problems, riding outside with horses, sheep and a lot more!

I already want to apologize! This was kinda a messy week and I didn’t write down or made pictures as much as I wanted to, so bare with me please!

Pinitdear diary week 4 (4)

Monday 9th of May 2016:

I can’t really remember too much about today! It was quite a boring day, and didn’t do very much. I watched some YouTube like always and had a big clean up in the house! We had some KFC for dinner and I wrote a blogpost. After that we just watched some tv, and that was that for this monday, like I said, quite a boring day!

Tuesday 10th of May 2016:

Today me and my boyfriend are together for 3 years! The weather was pretty depressing, so we couldn’t do much fun things 🙁 We did go to town to visit some shops, but we didn’t really buy anything. We picked up some groceries and when we got home I played some Candy Crush. We did the dishes and cooked some dinner! After that we watched some tv, and then decided to go sit outside. Back inside we watched some more tv. I got a strange feeling in my leg today, on the inside of my leg my skin hurt really badly, I couldn’t even touch it and even my pants hurt 😮 I don’t know what it is because there’s nothing to see! Strange…

Pinitdear diary week 4 (2)

Wednesday 11th of May 2016:

This morning I went off to work again. It was an exiting day because it was the first time I needed to take care of the little baby birds! I needed to feed them by hand and they were so tiny! Too cute! I also needed to handfeed the baby rabbits! When I got home me and my boyfriend went to Honeypie for our 3 years, we went today because of the terrible weather yesterday. We had some Lemon Yoghurt cake and it was truly delicious! I forgot to make a picture 🙁 Back home I made some blog photos and wrote a post. We ate something and went for a scooter ride, and look what we came across! A bunch of sheep! I love sheep, they’re my favorite animal! They were a little scared, so that was a little bit sad. When we got home we watched a movie 🙂 My leg still hurts!! What could it be?

Thursday 12th of May 2016:

I had an early appointment this morning at 8.45. Yes, for me that’s early, haha! The weather was a lot nicer today so we sat outside again. After that I tested a new thing for my feet, but you will see a review on that another time 🙂 Now my feet are lovely soft! We went to town, because I needed some new shampoo, I heard a lot about the brand Aussie so I went and bought it! I also bought some sunscreen, because the sun is shining more and more. We cooked some dinner and after that we sat outside with some ice cream. I took a shower later that evening and used my new shampoo, it smells delicious like bubblegum! As far as I can see right now it works pretty well! We also watched another movie 🙂

Friday 13th of May 2016:

O no, friday the 13th…. Haha. Today I slept in a little, because last days I didn’t sleep too well. I watched some YouTube and got dressed, we went to sit outside. My StyleTone box arrived and I was so excited! I opened it and made some pictures of it. I ate a little something and changed my clothes, because I need to go horse riding again! Yay! It was a lot of fun, we made a little trip outside, it was the first time for me on this riding school so I was kinda nervous. I mean my first outside trip on friday the 13th? You’re kidding me! Haha! It all went well so there was no need to be nervous 🙂 I had a lot of fun! Back home me and my boyfriend chatted for a while which was nice, after that we watched an episode and went to sleep. I got another skin problem… I have a red bumpy rash on my ankle all of a sudden, whats wrong with me? 🙁 My leg is starting to get a little better though!

Pinitdear diary week 4 (5)

Saturday 14th of May 2016:

Today was again a boring day! The weather was again not very happy. I watched some YouTube and after that I did some glam makeup, even though I didn’t have any plans to go outside. I wanted to test my new StyleTone products and I really like it. We sat outside again but it was a bit cold. I cleaned some things in the kitchen, and cooked some dinner. The evening was a lazy evening, watching some tv, sitting outside and wrote a blog post!

Pinitdear diary week 4 (1)

Sunday 15th of May 2016:

This morning Perry made breakfast for me, so sweet! We almost sat outside for the whole day. We also did this weeks Pamper Sundays together which was very fun! I also dyed my eyebrows again, because it was really needed! In the evening my boyfriend had a surprise for me, he had planned a present scavenge hunt for me. He is just too sweet! It was a lot of fun, I got some chocolates and candies and a hairdryer, because I really needed one and always forgot to buy one, so really glad I have one now 🙂 Thanks hun!

That was this weeks diary, I hope you enjoyed reading, and I will see you all next time!


What did you do this week? Did you do anything fun? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Eilish
    May 16, 2016

    Congratz! Joeri and I are almost 3 years together.. the day after tomorrow! ♡

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 19, 2016

      Thank you! 🙂 You also congrats! Funny how it’s that close together, haha.

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