DIY Chokers & Strappy Top.

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DIY Chokers & Strappy Top.

Hey loves! I have a DIY for you guys today. Today I’m gonna make 2 different chokers and a strappy top! If you wanna know how I made these cool trendy items, then keep on reading!

Chokers are so 90’s, and are totally making a comeback. I love making them myself! Also everything with straps, from bralettes, to tops are super trendy right now! Really nice to match them with an off-shoulder t-shirt, and why not making them yourself? It’s super easy!

First we are gonna make the strappy top.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (3)

You can totally hand sow this top! You will need:

  • A thin-strap top.
  • Matching color elastic.
  • Needle and thread.
  • Scissors.
Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (4)

First put the top on and decide where you want your straps to be. Measure how much elastic you will need. I wanted my straps in the middle and not too high up. You can also crisscross them in the middle if you like. If you find it handy you can pin the straps in place.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (5)

I’m not a professional sower, so you don’t need skill for this, haha. Sow the 2 middle straps in place and cut off the excess elastic. Try to sow on the sowing line of the shirt, for the most seamless look.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (6)

Now sow on the elastics on the armstraps, but remember to sow them in an angle, otherwise it’s gonna look kinda weird. Cut off the excess elastic.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (7)

And you’re done! It’s so easy, I wasn’t lying! Now you have your own strappy top! You can also make straps on your bra, for a DIY bralette!

Let’s move on to the chokers!

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (14)

For the ring choker you will need:

  • An elastic thread/string.
  • A flat metal ring.
  • A button.
  • Scissors.
Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (10)

Get 2 pieces of elastic string (don’t cut it too short). Fold them in half and tie them to the ring like the picture. When both strings are attached to the ring, put it around you neck and measure how much to cut off. Leave the string a little longer than needed, because we need to make a knot later.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (11)

Take one end of the string and make a loop. Make the loop big enough so the button fits through.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (12)

Tie a button on the other side of the choker.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (13)

To close the choker you just put the button through the loop and it will stay put all day! So easy!

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (8)

For the next choker you will need:

  • A charm of your choice.
  • Waxed string.
  • Scissors.
  • Pliers.
  • Lobster claw clasp.
  • Coil ends.
  • Jump rings.

First braid the waxed string to your desired length. After that you slide charm on to the braided string.

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (9)

Put the coil ends on the ends of your braided string. Close them tidily with pliers. See picture for example. (I got my chain ends from an old necklace). After that your second choker is done!

Pinitdiy chokers & strappy top (1)

I hope you all liked this DIY, and that you’re gonna try it out yourself! If you do tag me on Instagram @beautyblushsam!


What do you think of the choker trend? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Iona
    July 8, 2016

    They are so pretty, definitely need to try these out! X

  • Dinja
    July 8, 2016

    Oeeh leuk DIY’s 😀
    Ik vind de kettingen echt heel gaaf geworden. Ik denk dat ik ook maar weer eens creatief moet gaan doen – al moet ik eigenlijk werken aan een cosplay haha :’)

    • Beauty-Blush
      July 8, 2016

      Dat is ook leuk! En dankje 🙂 ik ben tegenwoordig ook echt in een creatieve bui haha, altijd leuk! X

  • Marta
    August 5, 2016

    Love the ideas!

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