DIY Color Switch (Dry Brush Cleaner) Under $5!

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DIY Color Switch (Dry Brush Cleaner) Under $5!

Hi guys! It has been such a long time since I did a DIY! Today I will show you how to make your own color switch/dry brush cleaner! So do you wanna know how I made it, then keep on reading!

Since I reviewed the Boozy Cosmetics Pro Dry Brush Cleaner I thought, it’s such a simple thing to make yourself! This little thing has made my life so much easier and it’s definitely something you need to have in your makeup stash, but some people don’t want to spend so much money on just a tin with a little sponge (which I can understand) or they don’t sell it in their country, that’s why I’m making one myself today and the good news is it’s super affordable! it cost me €1,50! But it can be free if you already have all the things you need at home. For the people who don’t know what a color switch is, it’s basically a little sponge where you can swirl your eyeshadow brush in in between eyeshadow colors, you do still need to wash your brushes but when you’re doing an eye look you can switch from color to color very easily!

Let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

  • A hair donut.
  • A tin with lid (or any kind of little container you want).
  • Scissors.

You can make this DIY as easy as you want, for the easy way you only need a container and a hair donut and just put the hair donut in the tin and done, but because that would make a really short post I’ll show you a more creative way 🙂 but of course if you’re lazy you can stick with the easy way!

Pinitdiy color switch

I found this little tin in town and I thought it was just too cute, it is a little bit on the large size, but then it’s also really handy to swirl big blush brushes in it!

Pinitdiy color switch

Because I have a larger tin I also bought a bigger hair donut. You can see that the texture looks pretty much the same!

Step 1:

Pinitdiy color switch

Cut the hair donut in half (this whole process will be a bit messy so make sure to do it on a place you can clean up easily).

Step 2:

Pinitdiy color switch

Roll out the hair donut, you might need to cut some strings that secured the donut together.

Pinitdiy color switch

Now you have something like this, a big pile of mesh.

Step 3:

Pinitdiy color switch

Cut some circles that fit your tin or container. I cut 4 circles. You can leave it like this and put it in your tin or make it a little more pretty. Because it was rolled up in a bun shape they’re not completely flat, you can leave them underneath something heavy to flatten them out if you like.

Step 5:

Pinitdiy color switch

Take a scrap piece of the hair donut and wrap the circles in it so you don’t have 4 circles anymore but a nice little compact pillow. Secure it on the back with a knot or you can stitch it together if you like that better.

Pinitdiy color switch

Now you will have something like this!

Step 6:

Pinitdiy color switch

Now put it in your little container and you’re done and ready to use it!

Pinitdiy color switch

It works just the same as the real one so definitely try this DIY out!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and that this DIY came in handy, I will see you all next time!


Have you tried a color switch? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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