DIY Nail polish

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DIY Nail polish.

Let’s make our own nail polish! It is fun to do and you can make every color you like. I chose to make a dark blue one. I know that almost every color already exists, but it is always fun to make your own. In that way you make your nail polish way more special because YOU made it:)

So Let’s get started!!

PinitDIY nailpolish 2

The things you’ll need:

  • A clear nail polish.
  • An old or cheap eyeshadow.
  • Something to scoop the eyeshadow out of the container (you can use a spoon, toothpick or a little spatula like me).
  • Piece of aluminum foil.

This is a close up from the color eyeshadow i will be using:

PinitDIY nailpolish 3

It is a dark blue glittery color. I don’t have a lot of sparkly dark blue colored nail polish, so this was a perfect color to add to my collection.

PinitDIY nailpolish 4

If you have a new bottle of clear nail polish you need to pour a little bit of it out, otherwise it won’t fit into the bottle. Now you want to scrape a good amount of eyeshadow on your aluminum foil, not to much not to little.

PinitDIY nailpolish 5

Now use your spatula or spoon  and make it a very fine powder till it has no chunks. The eyeshadow that I used was already really fine, but some eyeshadows are not as soft, so you really want to make sure that they’re no chunks left otherwise it will not be as smooth on your nails.

PinitDIY Nailpolish 6

Now really carefully pour it in to your nail polish bottle. My hands were really shakey, so it got a little messy but that’s okay:) If everything is in the bottle close the lid and shake well. Try a little bit on your nail to see if you are happy with the color, if it is too light then put some more eyeshadow in it. But you need to remember that most nail polishes need two coats if you want it to be opaque.

Here are the results!

PinitDIY Nailpolish 8
PinitDIY Nailpolish 7

I am very happy with how it came out, it is exectly the color of the eyeshadow. And it was so easy to to do aswell! I painted two coats on my nails and it just looks like a nail polish from the store with the same quality, and no chunks! not even one! This is how it looks on my nails:)

PinitDIY Nailpolish 9

Nice and shiny, a beautiful deep blue color.

PinitDIY Nailpolish 1

I hope you all liked this DIY and that you go and try it yourselves, have fun!

And have a BeautyBlush day everyone!!


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