DIY Phone Cases.

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DIY Phone Cases.

Today another DIY! I’m gonna show you how to make your own phone cases, really really simple! It’s cheap and you don’t need many materials. Shall we make them together?

There are many DIY’s for phone cases on the internet, but I didn’t saw this one quite a lot, which I thought was weird! It’s so simple and cheap and everyone can do this DIY.

Pinitdiy phone case 2

The things you will need (this is what I used, you can decide if you want to use different things or not):

  • A transparant phone case.
  • Double sided tape.
  • Washi Tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper.
  • Magazines.
  • Sequins.
Pinitdiy phone case 3

First you want to make a template of your transparant phone case (it’s easier if you make it from a colored paper instead of white, so you can trace it better later). Just trace your case and then cut it out. Make sure it fits in your phone case because this template we’re gonna use for the real deal on white paper!

Pinitdiy phone case 4

Now take your template and trace it as many times as you want on some white paper. After you cut them out also make sure they fit in your case!

Pinitdiy phone case 5

The first one I’m gonna make is a really simple one. I have 3 different patterns of Washi tape. Like you can see on the pictures, I just stuck them on there. I made sure they all were nicely aligned. After that I cut away the exces of tape and cut the hole for the camera again.

Pinitdiy phone case 6

And TADAA!! The first one is already done! Just pop it in your phone case and you have your own designed phone case! Let’s move on to the second technique!

Pinitdiy phone case 7

Now we’re gonna make one with sequins! I taped my white paper template all over with double sided tape. Then I peeled off the backside of the tape, just some sections at the time. I placed my sequins on the sticky parts and made sure they were secure! When the whole paper was covered, I again cut away the exces.

I had some problems with this one. The sequins were on a thread so I thought that that would make it a lot easier and faster, but they all started to fall off of the thread when I cut them, and now the paper was too thick for my phone to properly fit in the case because they were half on top of each other. I think you could rather place them one by one next to each other, I think that will work much better.

Pinitdiy phone case 8

This is what it looks like! I think It looks really girly and almost look like fish scales! A little bit of bummer that mine failed a little bit, I’m sure yours will turn out much better!

Now the last technique!

Pinitdiy phone case 9

MAGAZINES! With this one you can do what ever you like! Just grab a magazine and cut out all the cute images you wanna use. Place it on you paper template and your done!

Pinitdiy phone case 10

These are the ones I made with the magazines! Aren’t they cute? I also made one in combination with the washi tape. Just let your imagination free!

I really liked doing this little DIY project! It’s simple and you can have a new phone case everyday! You don’t need to buy many different phone cases and spend a lot of money. You only need a transparant one without messing that one up, you can still have your original phone case as well! It doesn’t matter which phone you have. I definitely gonna make more in the future.

I hope you all liked this DIY as much as I did, you should really try this someday!


Which one did you liked the most? Let me know in the comments!


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