Double Dare Spa – OMG! 2in1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask Review.

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Hi guys! It’s been such a long time since I did a face mask review and I’m so excited to do one again how about you? Today I’m reviewing the Double Dare Spa OMG! 2in1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask. This mask is super fun and nice so if you wanna know more about it then keep on reading!

I got this mask quite a while ago but I hadn’t had a chance to test it out. This mask looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it out!

Pinitdouble dare omg mask

This is what the mask looks like, they are technically 2 sheet masks, a bubbling detox one as step one and a nourishing collagen one as step 2. I love how the packaging looks like, did you know you can actually buy these big hair bands that are shown on the mask? I definitely want one they look so amazing haha!

Step 1 the bubble mask is a deep cleansing mask with small carbonated bubbles that stimulate and cleanse the skin by removing all traces of oil, sebum and dead skin cells.

Step 2 the micro fiber mask will feed the skin with a lot of nutrients, hydrolyzed collagen and plant-based stem cells to give you healthier, younger looking glowing skin.

Pinitdouble dare omg mask

Here is what the back of the packaging looks like, here you’ll see the ingredients and how to use the masks.

Pinitdouble dare omg mask

This is what my skin looks like before. My skin in not the best lately and I have a lot of trouble with spots, bumps, blackheads and red patches.

Pinitdouble dare omg mask

The first step is the bubble mask, you don’t need to cleanse your skin before, you can even do this with your makeup still on! How much as I love sheet masks they don’t look very attractive haha! This mask you need to leave on for 1 to 3 minutes. It feels very funny with the bubbles and you also hear them bubbling. There is actually a lot of foam which surprised me. It didn’t burn or tickled which is a nice thing.

Pinitdouble dare omg mask

I pulled off the bubble mask and washed and dried my face, now it’s time for step 2 the microfiber mask. This just looks like a normal face mask. You need to leave this on for 15 to 20 minutes and after that you take it off and rub in the extra serum. This mask also didn’t sting my face so it’s an okay mask if you have sensitive skin.

Pinitdouble dare omg mask

Here is what my skin looks like after the masks. My skin looks a lot cleaner and it looks like it reduces my redness also a little bit. My blackheads seem a little less and my skin feels super soft and looks glowy, I really like how my skin looks.

This mask does take some time but it’s definitely worth it! It was a bit difficult to unfold both of the masks because they were SO slippery so that gave me some struggle. It felt really nice on my face and relaxing. I love the bubble idea and it’s definitely a funny thing to look at. My face looks like new after these masks and I love it. I think this is a really nice mask and it really does its job well. I would definitely recommend it if you love a good face mask!

– The Double Dare Spa OMG! 2in1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask retails for $6.00

That was everything from me today guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you al next time!


What is your favorites face mask? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    March 30, 2018

    Ohh dat klinkt als een fijn maskertje! Ik zou hem alleen maar al willen proberen voor de bubbels haha!

    • Beauty-Blush
      April 10, 2018

      Zeker! ja de bubbels zijn inderdaad echt super grappig, ik hou wel van een apart maskertje 🙂 X

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