I Dyed My Hair Pastel Purple! | Dear Diary Week 38.

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I Dyed My Hair Pastel Purple! | Dear Diary Week 38.

Hello loves! This week I went for a big change, I dyed my hair pastel purple! I also ordered some new things, drank a delicious hot chocolate and went back to the hospital again! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I wasn’t feeling that poorly anymore, so thank god! I cleaned up the house a little bit and did my makeup, that didn’t go too well, almost every step went wrong today! I went into town to buy some things from my gift card I got this Christmas. I bought a new felt tip eyeliner and mascara from L’Oreal and some shower gels.

Pinitbeauty blush

We also bought some food and back home we had dinner. In the evening I took a shower and wrote a blogpost. After that I watched the worst zombie movie ever haha, it was hilarious!

On Tuesday I watched some YouTube and went to an appointment. Back home I did a little hair experiment on some old hair extensions. I really want to have pastel purple/silver hair so I tried something on the extensions to see if it worked. I had some dinner and in the evening I washed my makeup brushes. I ripped my beauty blender, noooo! I loved that thing šŸ™ I watched a movie and drank some delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

Pinitbeauty blush

On Wednesday I went back to the hospital again for an ultrasound of my shoulder. I was pretty nervous, but luckily I had no ripped tendons so no surgery needed! I was so relieved! In the evening I wrote a blogpost and watched a movie.

On Thursday I went to grab lunch with someone I know. It was really nice and fun. After that I watched some YouTube and chilled a bit. I ordered some new nose rings and hair dye, I’m so excited! In the evening I watched a movie, it was a nice chill day today! šŸ™‚

On Friday my order arrived! I got 3 nose rings, a pair of black tunnels with gold spikes and Directions Violet hair dye.

Pinitall over piercings

In the afternoon I went into town again, this time to buy some hair bleach and silver shampoo. We sat on the patio for a bit and had dinner. In the evening I went on and bleach my hair. Even though I had 2 boxes of it it was still not enough, damn you thick hair! After I rinsed it out it was still not blonde enough, probably because I didn’t have enough dye. I wrote a blogpost after that and watched some tv.

On Saturday it was time for round 2 of bleaching my hair. It came out pretty light this time, so yay!

Pinitbeauty blush

After that I put on the purple dye diluted in some conditioner, but the conditioner that I got was not thick enough and it didn’t blend well. Everything goes wrong haha! It didn’t turn out how I wanted unfortunately. It took me the whole afternoon! In the evening I watched some tv.

On Sunday it was day 3 of my hair journey! I got a different conditioner now and I was determent! I again put the purple dye in my hair, meanwhile I took some blog pictures and watched some YouTube. I washed out the dye and luckily it was looking a little bit better. It was still not perfect because there were still a lot of blonde pieces that were too dark, but I do like it now. We had some dinner and in the evening I wrote a blogpost and watched tv. This is how my hair turned out like, what do you think?

Pinitpastel purple hair

The color changes in every lighting, on this picture it looks more pink and a bit rose gold, but in other lighting it looks more grey/blue. Like you can see a lot didn’t take the dye, but the effect is nice! šŸ™‚ I only have 1 random blue dot on my hair and I don’t know where it came from haha! Let me know in the comments what you think of my new hair, I would love to know!

That was my week guys! I hope you have had a wonderful week yourselves and I will see you all next time!


What hair color is on your bucketlist? Let me know in the comments!


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