Empties #13 | August 2018.

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Hello loves! How are we all doing today? I don’t know why but with all this wind and rain lately I’m so in an Autumn mood that I’m actually quite ready for it to be Autumn, am I crazy or do you feel it too? Today I’m gonna talk all about my empties, I have 6 empties to show you today so one more than usual.

This time the empties aren’t really as interesting as most of them are shower items. I’m really trying to empty them all out one by one and it’s really working for me! Let’s take a look at them and let’s ask myself the question if I would repurchase them or not.

Pinitempties august 2018

The first product is a shampoo from Garnier, it’s the Loving Blends with Argan & Camille Oil. It’s been quite a while but as far as I remember it was an okay shampoo. It wasn’t very special, lately I’m really looking for how gentle a shampoo is for my hair but also for my scalp as I have eczema. It was a little more gentle on the hair than others but I did find my scalp to itch a bit more quickly than normal. Maybe it’s a coincidence maybe it’s not, we will never know haha!

Repurchase??? I don’t think I will, I like their conditioners and hair masks but the shampoo it a bit bleh.

Pinitempties august 2018

Up next is a night cream from Kueshi. I got this one in a beauty box and I absolutely loved it. It smelled nice, it was not super thick but it was really nourishing. My skin felt really nice in the morning and I’m actually kinda sad that it’s empty but we need to live with it I guess, but if you’re looking for a nice night cream I definitely recommend this one.

Repurchase??? I definitely would!

Pinitempties august 2018

Another hair product! Get used to it guys because I have A LOT of hair haha. This time it’s a conditioner from L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths. This conditioner was kinda thick and had a good slip which I like in a conditioner. The only down side is that I didn’t even use it for a long time and it was already empty! I think I never went through a conditioner that fast, I think it took like 5 washes which is not a lot.

Repurchase??? I don’t know, I quite liked it but it was empty so quickly that it’s not even funny.

Pinitempties august 2018

This is a one time use item but I thought it would belong here nicely as it is an empty right? This is a foot mask, it’s maybe a little different from your normal mask, but I actually quite like masks for other parts of the body lol. It was a really nice and relaxing foot mask and my feet felt really soft and hydrated after which it definitely needed.

Repurchase??? Maybe!

Pinitempties august 2018

Up next, yes you guessed it, another hair products. This is the Guhl Repair & Balance Hair Conditioner. The things I go through the most are always conditioners. This one I liked more than the L’Oreal Elvive one. This one was thicker and made my hair softer so this one gets a big thumbs up for me!

Repurchase??? I would.

Pinitempties august 2018

The last products of today, my life staple, my ride or die, the one I always go back to. We have been together for 12 years already, meet my drugstores own brand (Kruidvat) Oil Eye Makeup Remover. I’ve talked about this one a couple of times but it will keep returning, I’m sorry guys.

Repurchase??? ALWAYS!

Pinitempties august 2018

That was everything from me today guys, I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all very soon!

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  • Hannah
    August 15, 2018

    I’ve been so intrigued about the dream lengths range, and it sounds great apart from it running out quickly!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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