Empties #16 | December 2018.

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Hi guys! I think it’s never been this long that I haven’t talked to you all. I’m so sorry I’m really busy lately with wedding stuf and Christmas stuff and then this gloomy weather that didn’t really help with taking photo’s. Still we survived and we’re finally here with a new empties post. The empties just keep on coming lately and I have so many empties right now, so we at least have enough empties to make a post out of for months!

I have again 5 items for you guys to show you and ask myself the question; will I repurchase. They’re again mostly shower items but I can’t help it that I have a lot of hair and that I go through that stuff really quickly.

Pinitempties december 2018

The first product is this hair conditioner from Andrelon. This is the satin shine & zen conditioner without silicons and parabens so It’s not too bad for your hair. This conditioner was really nice and thick and smelled nice. It made my hair soft like it supposed to do so I liked it.

Repurchase??? Maybe I will!

Pinitempties december 2018

Another conditioner but this time from Herbal Esseneces. This is the Volume Conditioner. I didn’t really experience any more volume but I think that those promises are always a little bit gimmicky. All by all it was a really nice thick conditioner that smelled nice but I went through it super quickly so that’s not so nice!

Repurchase??? I don’t think I would.

Pinitempties december 2018

The next item is so super old that I’m a bit ashamed of it… I think it’s like 4 years old, oops! I got this one for Christmas I believe haha. This is the Rituals Fortune Oil Shower Oil. I did really like it though don’t get me wrong but I totally forgot about it every time as you apply this after washing your body. It smells really nice and it makes your skin super soft without feeling oily. I really liked it.

Repurchase??? I did really like it so I don’t know this is a hard one.

Pinitempties december 2018

About the next item I’m a bit sad that it has gone empty, this is the Naobay Moisturizing Peeling. This is a face scrub and I always used it under the shower. It smells amazing like oranges and feels super soft on the skin and isn’t rough at all which I like because some face scrubs feel like you’re rubbing pieces of glass on your face. This also made my skin feel super nice and soft and also moisturized, I really liked it.

Repurchase??? I totally would!

Pinitempties december 2018

The last product already! This is the Venus Aqua 24 Face Cream. This face cream smells really fresh and is one of the thicker and richer creams so I think this one would be perfect for people with dry skin! I like this one the most in the evening as it is so rich. My skin felt really soft and super moisturized with this cream.

Repurchase??? I might will.

That were all the empties for this month! I hope you all enjoyed it and I will see you all next time!


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