Empties #5 | June 2017.

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Hello beautiful people! Today I got some empties for you guys again. I have emptied 6 things this month, a lot of the things are shower products but I also managed to empty some makeup things. So if you are wondering what I emptied this month then keep on reading!

I don’t know if I’m the only one but I always have a lot of half empty products in my cupboards lying around collecting a lot of dust. I’m always way too happy that I get a new product and use that instead of emptying the old ones first. Right now I’m trying to solve that problem, yay me! This thing mostly happens with my shower items, meaning shampoos and conditioner. This month I tried using up some of them, but I have still a lot of half empty bottles to go so be prepared for a lot of shower items in the next few empties posts haha!


Head & Shoulders – Anti-Itch 2 In 1 Shampoo.

So this one was actually an accident. I asked my boyfriend to get the anti itch shampoo from Head & Shoulders but he got me the 2 in 1 version instead which also includes conditioner which I never like. I can’t live without this stuff because of my eczema on my scalp, although this one was the wrong one it still worked, not as good as the normal one but it was alright!

Repurchase?? Yes, always! But in the normal version haha.


Syoss – Salonplex Hair Renaissance Conditioner.

I got this one mainly for my little hair experiment where I died my hair purple. I needed a big bottle of white conditioner so I picked this one. Now I don’t have purple hair anymore so I don’t need it for that so I just use it like you’re supposed to do now, and I actually really liked it! This conditioner is quite thick which I like very much. My hair smells and feels really nice and it works really well for my dry hair.

Repurchase?? I think I would, I quite liked it!


Aussie – 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor.

Quite a while ago I’ve read something on the internet on the brand Aussie and it sounded really good. Everyone said it smelled amazing like bubblegum and their hair looked super gorgeous. I needed to try this! My hair is really thick and it needs a lot of moisture because it’s super dry and I thought this one would do the trick, but unfortunately it didn’t… I still had a lot of knots and it was still frizzy. I did really like the scent and the bottle is really easy to use, you don’t need to open it, just squeeze and you’re good to go!

Repurchase?? No I don’t think I would.


Vaseline – Pure Petroleum Jelly Original.

I can’t believe it, I’ve used up my first Vaseline pot! I’ve been using Vaseline almost my whole life to put on my lips before I go to bed but I never actually emptied one ever. This is the real lifesaver for my lips so I will keep using it forever and ever *warmfeelinginstomach*

Repurchase?? I already have a new one, let’s see how long this one takes me to empty haha!


Catrice – Glam & Doll Curl And Volume Mascara.

You might have seen this one in my Project Pan posts, if you did you might already know my thoughts about this mascara. This mascara does basically nothing for my lashes so I’m pretty happy that it’s finally empty haha. The other Glam & Doll mascara from Catrice is my fave drugstore mascara, but this one is just a big no for me.

Repurchase?? Nope.


Maybelline – Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

I love Baby Lips and I have quite a few different ones. This must be my favorite of all of them I think. I like the scent and the subtle red color it gives my lips. It is really mosturizing and feels nice and smooth on the lips.

Repurchase?? Yes, I really like this one a lot.


That were all my empties of the month June! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What did you recently empty? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Katie
    June 26, 2017

    I really like the Cherry Me Babylips, it smells amazing! The Aussie conditioner does too but I have similar results, it doesn’t really do anything for my hair.

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 30, 2017

      They are so great! The Aussie conditioner was a big disappointment unfortunately, glad I’m not alone! X

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