Essence How To Make Nude Eyes.

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Essence How To Make Nude Eyes.

This is a eyeshadow palette from Essence! It has six beautiful nude colors in it, and today I am going to review this little Nude Eyes palette for you guys! Let’s roll.

Pinitessence nude eyes 1
Pinitessence nude eyes 2

This is what the inside of the palette looks like! It has a little mirror and 6 beautifull colors and an applicator in it. It is from the “how to make” range. They also have How To Make Bright Eyes, How To Make Your Face Wow, How To Make Matt Eyes, How To Make Your Face Glow, How To Make Brows Wow, How To Make Smokey Eyes. It is a pretty palette, simple and a nice travel size! I like that the range has everything you need, face, eyes and brows. The colors are really pigmented and blend well. I would like to try out more of the “How To Make” palettes in the future, beacause I am very happy about this one, and they’re not expensive so that’s a plus!

Pinitessence nude eyes 3

Also in this little palette you get instruction cards, to make a “day look” and a “night look”. I think that it’s really handy especially if you’re a beginner in makeup! The cards are hidden behind the mirror and it give this palette a really nice touch. I like that it comes with instruction cards because otherwise the name of the palette would be misplaced.


Now some swatches!

Pinitessence nude eyes 4

This is what the colors look like on the skin! In my opinion it looks the same as they do in the palette. With some shadows it’s sometimes a surprise how they turn out on the skin, but these look pretty much the same.

Eye Light Beige:
This is a really light color, almost white. It has a lot of shimmer in it. Because it’s that light and shimmery I think It would be perfect as a highlight on the brow bone or the inner eye corners to bright it up! I think I wouldn’t choose this color for my eyelids itself.

Go For Gold:
This one is a brown/bronzy color. I like this color the most, because I am very into bronze eyeshadows lately. It is just a nice eyeshadow to put on everyday, not that dark and not to light!

An Eye On Apricot:
This is a light shimmery yellow/golden color. I think this one is really pretty as a transition color to blend harsh lines. Also a very pretty color. The only con about this one is that it’s not that pigmented as the other ones. It takes alot of product before you finally notice it on your eyes.

All About Nude:
This is a slightly darker shade. It is sort of a greyish color with shimmer in it as well. This color looks really pretty in the crease to create more definition to the eyes.

Nude Night Out:
This is the darkest shade of the whole palette. This is a dark grey/brown shade. This one is good for a night look, but I guess a little too dramatic for a day look. You can put this one also in the crease or if you feel really fancy, you can put it on your whole eyelids. 🙂

Team Nude:
This is a chocolate brown color. This one doesn’t have a lot of shimmer in it. It is just a basic nude color which I could wear every day. I love brown eyeshadows!

I am very happy with this palette so far!

So what do you think about this palette? Would you buy it? Or would you rather buy another one of the “How To Make” range? Let me know in the comments! I hope you all liked this post, and as always..




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