Essence Velvet Matte.

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Essence Velvet Matte.

Review time! I’ve bought some new makeup pieces included this Essence Velvet Matte, and today is the day I’m gonna test this baby out! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the “Velvet Matte” lipstick range from Essence, so let’s see!

Who doesn’t love lipstick? I never had a “thing” for lipstick, but I must admit that lippies are growing on me lately! I love the look of matte lippies, it looks so classy. The only problem is that my lips are quite dry, so it doesn’t look too good on my lips. Let’s take a look at this Velvet Matte lipstick from Essence.

Pinitessence velvet matte 2

This is what it looks like! It’s a quite simple design. The lipstick tubes are the same color as the lipstick itself, which I really like! Especially if you need to find a color in your mega lipstick stash, haha. The tube is also matte just like the lipstick itself. It’s a simple lipstick tube, but I really like it! A classy clean look!

Pinitessence velvet matte 3

The colors don’t have names, only numbers. I got mine in number 07. It’s a nude dusky pink color. I’m totally in love with nude colored lippies lately, I have so many dusky pinks, but I just can’t resist to buy another one if it catches my eye! Although I have a love of nude pinks, not one of them is matte, that’s why I needed to have this one in my collection.

Pinitessence velvet matte 1

Here is what the color looks like. I really like that they cooperate the logo in the lipstick! It looks really special!

Pinitessence velvet matte 4

I did a little swatch on my hand and it just glides on! I really like the formula! The color is also very pretty, it looks the same as in the tube. The lipstick is a matte finish, but it’s not ultra matte, it has a little bit of a sheen. Now let’s swatch this baby on my lips!

Pinitessence velvet matte 5

I already want to say sorry for the dry and crusty lips, it’s not the fault of the lipstick. My lips just had a little bit of a bad day today šŸ™‚ I think if I used a lip scrub before, that it would look way better! The color is really nice, it’s almost my lipcolor actually, just a little bit lighter. I also really like the feel of this lipstick, it really feels like velvet! It’s not drying to my lips at all, and that’s crazy because most matte lip products tend to dry out your lips extremely! So, it feels really soft and nice. The formula is really creamy and is super easy to apply to your lips aswell. This lipstick is also quite long-lasting, after a half day eating ice cream, drinking and all that kind off stuff, you could still see the lipstick on my lips, of course a little less but it was still there! It’s quite hard to see how long it really lasted because the color was so close to my own lipcolor. Because this lipstick is not drying matte, it does transfer, but I don’t really mind. All by all, it’s a very nice lipstick and definitely gonna buy more of them! šŸ™‚


Do you own an Essence Velvet Matte lipstick? Which color do you have, or want? Let me know in the comments!Ā 


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