Figs & Rouge Recovery Serum.

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Figs & Rouge Recovery Serum.

Today I’m gonna review the Figs & Rouge Recovery Serum for you guys. I really wanted to try this one, and see if it was any good! I used it for a week or so, and today I’m gonna tell you what I think of this product!

Pinitfigs & rouge recovery serum 1

I got this one in my StyleTone box and was really excited about this skincare product. I didn’t own a serum yet and I was very happy to try it out, and see if I would like it or not! It is the Figs & Rouge evAcalm Recovery Serum AV Activ.

This is what Figs & Rouge says about this product:

Figs & Rouge evAcalm Recovery Serum AV Activ for redness relief combats irritation & helps support skins delicate structure against daily irritants & inflammation. Enriched with moisturising ‘Smart Nutrient’ Technology & Hyaluronic Acid for optimal hydration. Helps diminish tightness & restore healthy glowing & supple skin.

Visible Results:
– Diminishes tightness & inflammation.
– Restores supple glowing skin & boosts optimal moisture to skin.
– Clinically effective anti-inflammatory support formulation for redness relief.

Active Ingredients:
– Glyoxylic Acid from Allantoin produces moisturising keratolytic effect, enhances moisture in upper dermis layers & enhances cellular turnover for skin smoothing effects.
– Iridoid Glycosides from Euphrasia Officinalis plant extract counteracts inflammatory processes.

Pinitfigs & rouge recovery serum 2

I used it for a week or so. I didn’t really see mayor results or differences, but I did notice some improvements. It is a squeeze tube, with a silver colored cap. The smell, I don’t really know what I think about that. It kinda smells like a hand sanitizer, and a little bit like alcohol. I don’t know if it contains alcohol, but I found the smell a little bit disturbing.

Pinitfigs & rouge recovery serum 3

This is what the product looks like, it is a little bit of a gel formula. It is a little bit slimy and slippery but when it dries I find it a little bit sticky to the touch, which I don’t really like. When I applied it to my face, my skin did feel tighter, and a little bit more toned. After a week of using it my complexion looks a little bit more even, and it also feels hydrated and soft. My face is a little bit more glowy, it seems. I’m quite happy about this product and I’m very excited to maybe see some more results of this serum in the future. I think it’s a good serum, it has some cons, but all by all I’m very happy, and I think I’m gonna use more serums in the future!

I hope you all liked this review, and I will see you all tomorrow!


Do you own a serum? Which one do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!


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