My First Nosebleed? EEK! | Dear Diary Week 23.

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My First Nosebleed? EEK! | Dear Diary Week 23.

Hi blushies! This week I got garlic butter in my hair, went to a graduation, got my first nosebleed and stayed for dinner at my moms! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I tidied up a bit. My dad was coming over in the afternoon. It was his birthday yesterday, so I got him a little gift. It was fun again seeing him šŸ™‚ When my dad left, me and my boyfriend picked up some groceries. At home we had dinner and I wrote a blogpost. My blog was having a lot of problems at this time, I don’t know why. I hope it will be solved soon! In the evening we watched a movie and went to bed.

On Tuesday I watched a bit of YouTube. After that I got dressed and wanted to go to town, but all of the sudden I felt real dizzy and not well! I waited it out a bit, and later that afternoon when I felt a bit better we went to town. Looking through some shops and sat in the sun. Picked up some food, and back home we made dinner. My boyfriend accidentally put garlic butter in my hair, it was disgusting! The evening was relaxed. I watched some Holland’s Next Top Model and I Can Make You A Super Model. Tuesday evening is my “model” night and I love it, haha!

On Wednesday I went off to work again. They got new sponsored vests, and every volunteer got one. I’m really happy with it, it’s really cozy! The logo is on the back, it looks really nice and professional.


In the afternoon I got a new denim jacket in a lighter color this time and I’m totally in love with it! I was searching for a perfect light color for ages. I was really tired today, and not hungry at all! I don’t know what it is but I’m not feeling fit lately šŸ™ For dinner I didn’t really eat. In the evening I made some pictures for my blog and cleaned the kitty litter box. I wrote my post in the evening and watched another movie.

On Thursday I watched a bit of YouTube and checked my social media. I made a blog planning, also for when I’m on holiday, I also did some other blog stuff. For the evening I dressed nicely. I wore my new denim jacket and my creepers.


We went to the graduation of my boyfriend’s brother. Although it was a bit boring, there were also some fun bits.


After that we went to his home for an after party. We were home quite late, so back home we went straight to bed.

On Friday I made some photos for my blog and wrote a blog post. In the afternoon we went to my parents in law because it was her birthday. We stayed there for dinner and after that I got dressed for horseback riding. It didn’t go too well this time at horseback riding. My horse just didn’t listen at all and was very lazy. Better next time! Back home we watched an episode of 60 days in and went to bed.

On Saturday I got my first nosebleed ever. I never had a nosebleed in my whole life, so this was a bit of a shock. It was not even that much, but I did kinda panic! In the afternoon I did some makeup looks for tomorrow’s post;Ā How I Used To Do My Makeup. For that post I needed to look up some old photos of mine. Which was fun to look at again. After that we did a little tour on the scooter and also picked up some groceries. In the evening I took a shower and watched a movie.

On Sunday I used my DermaWand again. My skin is not really doing well lately so I thought why not try my DermaWand again. After that I did my makeup and made some photos. I also made a selfie, which I haven’t made in such a long time!


I edited my pictures and after that I went to my mom. It was a lot of fun and we had a nice long chat. I also stayed there for dinner. Of course my mom’s cat was in desperate need of laying on my lap.


In the evening I went back home. We stopped at my boyfriend’s parents house first, because we need to babysit the dogs for the next 10 days. After we walked the dogs we went back home and I wrote my blogpost. After that I watched a part of a movie and we went to bed.

Alright that was it for this week! I hope you all had a wonderful week as well! I will see you all next time!


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