Freedom – Pro Lipstick Bare Collection + Swatches!

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Freedom – Pro Lipstick Bare Collection + Swatches!

Hi Blushies! Today I’m gonna review the Freedom Pro Lipstick Bare collection. There are 5 lipsticks in this little set and I will review and swatch all of them! They also have a little secret. Are you ready?

For someone that loves nude lipsticks this little set was perfect! The Bare Collection from Freedom has 5 full size lipstick, and it’s only € 5,95. You can also buy them separately for € 1,49. They are so cheap!


Here is the box it comes with. You can see the 5 lipsticks on the front. The colors of the lipsticks on the box are a bit different than the actual lipsticks.


On the side of the box you can see the names of the lipsticks and color indication. Again the lipsticks look a lot different than the color indications.


And here they are! They are in black plastic tubes with the brands name on the cap. On the bottom you can see the actual colors. The colored cap on the bottom has a little secret, so if you wanna know the secret I will tell you on the end of this post!


The color names are written on the bottom. I really like the names! Now let’s take a look on what’s inside these beauties!


The colors are super nude and super lovely! The only thing I find is that the last 2 are very similar, I almost can’t tell the difference on my lips!


The formula is really nice and creamy. I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with these lipsticks. They are really sheer and are almost the same color as my lips. They don’t show up as pigmented which I find kind of a bummer. They are more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick in my opinion. My own lips but better lipsticks, haha.


Here is a swatch on my arm. From left to right: 111 Untouched, 112 Sooner Or Later, 113 Whispers, 114 Naked Beauty, 115 Mannequin. You can see that the colors are all very similar. Let’s move on to the actual lip swatches.


111 Untouched.

This is the first color. This color is my least favorite. It’s a bit too pale for me, so it washes me out a bit.


112 Sooner Or Later.

This one is my favorite of all of them. This is the real ‘my lips but better’ lipstick. I love to throw this on on a daily basis to give my lips a little bit more color.


113 Whispers.

This one I really like as well. It’s the only pinky nude in this collection. It’s a nice soft baby pink color.


114 Naked Beauty.

This color has the most brown undertones. It’s the darkest of them all, but like I said earlier it’s lacking pigmentation so that’s a bit of a shame. It’s is still a pretty color though.


115 Mannequin.

This is the last one from the set. This one is very similar to the previous one, only a bit lighter and a bit more of a pink undertone.


I do really like these lipsticks, but for me I wish they were a bit more pigmented! I love the creaminess, and that you can just throw them on without a mirror. They are some lovely nudes, but the lasting power is the same as a lip balm. After you ate or drank something it’s gone. They do make my look more complete, and they are not over the top for the more subtle days! What do you think? Okay let’s move on to the little secret I told you about!


More lipsticks have this little secret! I discovered that lipsticks with a colored bottom like these, have a hidden chamber! It’s a little bit of work but if you slide the colored bottom out, there is an extra container filled with lipstick! Super nice for emergencies if your favorite lipstick runs out, right? I think it’s a pretty cool discovery. Now every time I see a lipstick like this I wonder… Does it come off? Haha!


Alright guys that was today’s review! I hope you liked it, and I will see all of you Blushies next time!


Do you have a lipstick secret? let me know in the comments!


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