Goodbye 2016, And Hello 2017!

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Goodbye 2016, And Hello 2017!

Hello loves! Happy New Year! Let’s take a look back at 2016, and of course talk about our goals for 2017! Out with the old and in with the new. A new year a new me?

2017 didn’t start off really well for me. I have a broken arm, I’m all bruised up and I’m ill, so let’s hope the rest of the year is going to be much better, haha! Today I’ll recap 2016, and of course share my New Years resolutions, my personal goals and my blogging goals for 2017!

Recap 2016:

This year went really quick for me, it was also not really a spectacular year. This year I found a new hobby, blogging! I didn’t really know how much fun I was going to have until I started, I gained a lot of lovely followers and I can’t wish for more. I guess blogging is the best thing that happened to me this year, and I love it!

I’m also living together with the love of my life for a year now and it is still going so well, so I’m also really glad about that too!

Of course the end of this year was not the best. If you read my last Dear Diary you would know that I fell off my horse and broke my arm. I’m still in a lot of pain, so that was definitely my downer this year.

Personal Goals For 2017:

Yes I also have some cheesy New Years resolutions, haha! The first thing is that I want to finally lose some weight this year. I’m struggling with my weight for years, but this year I’m gonna do something about it!

I also want to stop smoking this year (yes unfortunately I’m a stinky smoker..) I tried to stop many times without success, but this year I’m gonna do this!

I also want to use more of my makeup/beauty products this year. I’m neglecting too much and mostly only use half of the things I have in my stash, so I’m going to variate more with my makeup and also try new things makeup wise.

Lastly I want to feel happy about myself and accept who I am. I think really low of myself and I want to change that. I want to feel more secure and not as anxious all the time. I want to push my anxiety away and smile and enjoy more!


Blogging Goals For 2017:

My social media game is really off lately so I want to do more with my social media. I’m not using it a lot which I should. I hope that by the end of this year I have a 1000 followers on each social media platform. I don’t know If I’m gonna make it, but I would love it if I do! 🙂

For my blog followers I would like to reach 1500 to 2000 by the end of the year, let’s see how far we will come.

I also want to try some new things with my blog this year. Maybe doing some fashion look books, and maybe even start a YouTube channel. If you have some fun ideas of what you want to see on my blog you can always tell me in the comments!

This year I also hope to collaborate with some awesome brands. I’m still really new at all this, and don’t know where to start when it comes to brands, so I hope I will learn a lot more about that this year! Tips are always welcome! 🙂

And of course I also want to improve my photographing skills/blogging skills, and make my blog even prettier!


Alright Guys this was my first post of the year! I hope you all have had a wonderful New Years Eve and I will see you all next time!


What are your New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!


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