Goodiebox Unboxing | August 2018.

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Hi guys! It’s time again! It’s time for another Goodiebox unboxing. This time they were a bit more personalized with our horoscope in mind. This month the box is again filled with some amazing goodies and I can’t wait to show it all to you guys!

A little bit about Goodiebox:

This is again like the StyleTone box a beauty box from The Netherlands (I’m sorry). Every month you will get a box full of goodies to make you feel pretty and relaxed, you can expect every kind of beauty item, from skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty tools! It’s a great way to discover new products and new brands as well. The box itself is a little drawer from really hard cardboard which you can reuse to store anything you like, what a bonus! This all only costs you €19,95 a month.

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

Like I already said this month our boxes were personalized by our horoscopes. I am Cancer which means I’m Water, you of course also had the other elements like, Earth, Air and Fire. I think it’s such a nice idea!

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

I also love the marble design that they did, I’m actually quite happy that I’m Water because blue is my favorite color! This months box is filled with beauty items but also some makeup bits, we got 6 items this time, aren’t we lucky!

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

Inca Oil – Filler Mask (travel size).

Up first is a hair mask from Inca Oil. Lately I’ve been really into hair again and I’m trying to get my natural curls back so a nice hair mask will be really good right now. This hair mask is really hydrating and makes it super soft and healthy looking. I can’t wait to give this one a go. The Inca Oil Filler Mask retails for €30 for 300ml.

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

Evolve Beauty – Satin Leg Gloss.

Up next is something really interesting. This is an oil to put on your legs to make them super soft, but that’s not the only things because it also has gold shimmer in it for some shiny legs. This is such a lovely idea I just hope it’s not gonna end in a big glitter mess haha. The Evolve Beauty Satin Leg Gloss retails for €10 or £10.00.

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

Unani – Micellar Water.

Up next is the Micellar Water from Unani. This micellar water is rich with pure ingredient which clean deeply into the pores. The result is a soft, clean and hydrated face. My skin is breaking out like never before lately and I don’t know why but it has never been this bad in my life. I really hope this micellar water maybe keeps it a bit under control again as it’s organic. The Unani Micellar Water retails for €15.

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

Manna Kadar – Blossom Floral Compact.

Up next is something I already got in another beauty box unfortunately. Luckily it is really pretty so I don’t really mind. This is a blush and highlighter in 1 which will give you an amazing glow and flush of color at the same time. This is really pigmented like all the other Manna Kadar products. The Manna Kadar Blossom Floral Compact retails for €18 or $29.

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

Mesauda Milano – Shine Flex Nail Polish.

Next is a nail polish from Mesauda Milano in this gorgeous royal shimmery blue shade. I haven’t tried it yet so I hope it’s a bit pigmented as a lot of blue nail polishes aren’t. I can’t wait to put this on my nails! The Mesauda Milano Shine Flex Nail Polish retails for €8.

Pinitgoodiebox august 2018

LASplash – Hydro Liquid Shadow In Poise.

The last product in the box is this really pretty silver cream eyeshadow from LASplash. I already swatched this one on the back of my hand and it’s super pigmented. I really think I’m gonna love this one! The LASplash Hydro Liquid Shadow In Poise retails for €12 or $12.

That was everything from this months box. I really enjoyed this box and I can’t wait for the next one like always! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time.

Do you live in The Netherlands and want your own Goodiebox then click HERE!

Pinitbeauty blush

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