Goodiebox Unboxing | July 2018.

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Hi guys! How are we all doing? I’m a bit late with unboxing this months Goodiebox so I’m sorry, but better late than never right? I’m lacking a bit of motivation and inspiration lately with blogging and I think you all noticed. I really hope I’ll get my vibe back soon. But for now let’s unbox this beauty!

A little bit about Goodiebox:

This is again like the StyleTone box a beauty box from The Netherlands (I’m sorry). Every month you will get a box full of goodies to make you feel pretty and relaxed, you can expect every kind of beauty item, from skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty tools! It’s a great way to discover new products and new brands as well. The box itself is a little drawer from really hard cardboard which you can reuse to store anything you like, what a bonus! This all only costs you €19,95 a month.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing july 2018

This months theme is Beauty Around The World so I think we’re gonna get some famous beauty staples from around the world that will get us through the Summer. I can’t wait to see what’s inside, I definitely love the color scheme already!

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing july 2018

DR. Botancicals – Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil.

The first product in the box is already something I find really interesting. Right now because of the hot weather I don’t really use facial oils but I do really love them. This one sounds amazing and I love that it’s organic. It hydrates the skin and protects it as well. Your face will feel super duper soft! The DR. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil retails for €30,00 or £29.90.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing july 2018

Wes Surf – Tanning Lotion Spray SPF 30.

Up Next is something that is also very useful in the Summer and that is some sun protection. This is not only that but this spray also makes you look tan! So it’s a sun protection spray and a tanning lotion in one. I’m very curious to try this out and if it works it would be amazing. It’s also a bit scary to try but I can’t wait! The Wes Surf Tanning Lotion Spray SPF 30 retails for €10,00.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing july 2018

Masque Me Up – Bubbling Sheet Mask.

Up next is also something I really like and that is a face mask and not just a face mask but a bubbling sheet mask. I love these type of masks and sheet masks are so easy to use because you don’t need to scrub or wash your face afterwards. With this mask your skin will be deeply nourished and also cleanses deep into the pores because of the charcoal. It’s gives your skin a lovely glow. The Masque Me Up Bubbling Sheet Mask retails for €5,00.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing july 2018

Emite Makeup – Active Eye Light Concealer.

Up next is something I already own but luckily love a lot! This is a skincare item and a makeup item in one. This is an amazing light concealer with skincare properties in it so when you conceal your dark circles you’re also getting rid of the wrinkles at the same time! The Emite Makeup Active Eye Light Concealer retails for €27,00 or $25.00.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing july 2018

Naobay – Orange Juice Foot Cream.

The last product in the box is something from a brand that I really like, Naobay. This is a foot cream, it’s not something you first think of to be excited about but with these hotter days and walking around on bare feet most of the time my feet are becoming a little bit on the dry side so this is a real savior! I can’t wait to try this out because my feet definitely need some moisture! The Naobay Orange Juice Foot Cream retails for €16,00.

That was everything from the July box, again sorry I posted it so late! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!

Do you live in The Netherlands and want your own Goodiebox then click HERE!

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