Goodiebox Unboxing | May 2018.

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Hi guys! It’s time for the new beauty box I’ve told you about, it’s called Goodiebox and it’s filled with some amazing products so if you don’t want to miss this unboxing then make sure to keep on reading!

A little bit about Goodiebox:

This is again like the StyleTone box a beauty box from The Netherlands (I’m sorry). Every month you will get a box full of goodies to make you feel pretty and relaxed, you can expect every kind of beauty item, from skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty tools! It’s a great way to discover new products and new brands as well. The box itself is a little drawer from really hard cardboard which you can reuse to store anything you like, what a bonus! This all only costs you €19,95 a month.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing may 2018

Here it is! It looks so cute and I love the peach shade this month. The theme of this months box is #instafriendly. This box contains products that make you shine and glow and make you ready for the gram, no filter needed!

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing may 2018

Evolve – Hyaluronic Serum 200.

The first product in the box is a Hyaluronic Serum from Evolve. This serum is like the name says full of hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin super well and gives you that natural glow from within. I’ve already tried this serum and I can already tell you that this is a really nice serum. It absorbs really fast into the skin and your skin instantly feels hydrated and nourished. I love this! The Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200 retails for €13,75 or £30.00.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing may 2018

Naobay – Equilibria Face Mist Toner.

I already know I love this brand as I’ve tried a few products from them and I love them as a brand. This product is nothing different because it’s amazing! This face mist hydrates the skin and cleans your skin at the same time, it’s super fresh and makes your face feel really nice. The Naobay Equilibria Face Mist Toner retails for €13,00.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing may 2018

Doucce – Fierce And Fine Graphic Pen.

Up next is an eyeliner pen from Doucce. This eyeliner pen is really nice and black and applies really nicely, it’s really easy to make a wing with it. I always think it’s a bit difficult finding a nice eyeliner pen but this one I really like and does what it supposed to do, and it stays on really well as well! The Doucce Fierce And Fine Graphic Pen retails for €17,80 or $21.00.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing may 2018

Uoga Uoga – Moon Path Natural Highlighter.

Up next is this creamy highlighter from Uoga Uoga. This highlighter is really nice and creamy and really natural. It’s not a super blinding highlighter, but I think this is a really nice highlighter for natural days a makeup free days. The Uoga Uoga Moon Path Highlighter retails for €15.

Pinitgoodiebox unboxing may 2018

Starskin – Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam.

The last product is from Starskin. I really like this brand so I think I will like this one as well. It’s detoxing, cleansing but also hydrating and refreshing. I think it’s a really cool concept to have a foam cleanser that is already a foam, I can’t wait to give one a go! The Starskin Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam retails for €30,00.

That was everything from our first Goodiebox, I really liked everything in this box and I can’t wait for the next one to arrive!

Do you live in The Netherlands and want your own Goodiebox then click HERE!


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