Goodiebox Unboxing | September 2018.

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Hi guys! Today we’re going to unbox another Goodiebox and this time we’re going to unbox the September box. It’s again filled with 5 products and they’re all super lovely so if you wanna know more then keep on reading!

A little bit about Goodiebox:

This is again like the StyleTone box a beauty box from The Netherlands (I’m sorry). Every month you will get a box full of goodies to make you feel pretty and relaxed, you can expect every kind of beauty item, from skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty tools! It’s a great way to discover new products and new brands as well. The box itself is a little drawer from really hard cardboard which you can reuse to store anything you like, what a bonus! This all only costs you €19,95 a month.

Pinitgoodiebox september 2018

This months theme is Make It Last and it’s all about the change from Summer to Autumn and how we want the Summer to last just a little bit longer, the cute outfits, the nice tan and those warm Summer evenings. I do also love Autumn and if I’m honest I’m actually so ready for it to be! Let’s take a look inside this baby.

Pinitgoodiebox september 2018

You & Oil – Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum.

The first thing in the box is already something I’m very excited for! This is a really lovely face serum and it sounds super healthy and it also smells that way actually haha. This serum is full of superfoods and is super good for your skin with all the nutrients it has in it. I can’t wait to give this one a go! The You & Oil Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum retails for €37,00.

Pinitgoodiebox september 2018

Nails Inc – Nail Polish In Clarendon Street.

Up next is something I always love, it’s a nail polish. I don’t even wear nail polish all the time but still I’m very happy when I receive one. This one is in an amazing light pastel pink shade which I love! This is definitely a shade that matches the theme of the box. The Nails Inc Nail Polish retails for €14,00.

Pinitgoodiebox september 2018

Seacret – Cuticle Oil.

Up next is also something that would come in good use and it’s a cuticle oil. I must admit that I actually should use this more often but I mostly forget, I guess we’re all human right? Maybe now with this one I finally remember to put it on my cuticles more often! The Seacret Cuticle Oil retails for €13,00.

Pinitgoodiebox september 2018

Balance Me – Gradual Tanning Drops (travel size).

Up next is a gradual tan from Balance Me, I don’t really tan that much but I think this can be very handy. You can mix just a few drops to your favorite body or face cream to keep you sunkissed skin alive. The Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops retail for €33,00 or £30.00 for full size.

Pinitgoodiebox september 2018
Pinitgoodiebox september 2018

Teeez Cosmetics – Object Of Affection Lipbalm.

The last product in the box is this lipbalm from Teeez. I still can’t get over the packaging from Teeez it’s so fun and different, I love it. This is a very cute lipbalm in a lovely color. I love lipbalms and I go through them like no tomorrow so this one comes in good use for me. The Teeez Cosmetics Object Of Affection Lipbalm retail for €17,00 or $20.00.

That was everything from this months box, I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!

Do you live in The Netherlands and want your own Goodiebox then click HERE!

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