My Holiday To Brighton – Part 1 | Dear Diary Week 26.

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My Holiday To Brighton – Part 1 | Dear Diary Week 26.

Hello loves! It’s finally time for my special Dear Diary from my trip to Brighton. Today it’s time for part 1! Grab something to drink and get cozy, because it’s gonna be a long one! Ready for my stories??

As you all may know I went to Brighton for 10 days. It’s my first time going on holiday so it was really exciting! I already knew it was gonna be a long one, so I split this Dear Diary in to 2 parts. Today is part 1 and part 2 will be online tomorrow! Here we go!

On Monday we woke up early. We packed the last things and I said goodbye to my little furbaby. Off we went! I was really nervous because I’ve never been away from home for so long. We hopped in the car and drove to the airport. It was really foggy and the sunrise was beautiful!


On the airport the first thing we did was (of course first the restroom) getting a Starbucks!


We said goodbye to my boyfriend’s mom and went to the baggage drop. There was quite a big line so we had to wait for quite some time. Then it was security time, I was so scared haha! Also a big line. My shoes got checked really well, I don’t know why. Now it was time to take off! It was my first time flying in a plane, so I was a little scared.


Taking off didn’t really feel too good, I got a little dizzy. The view was amazing though! After an hour we arrived in London Gatwick. We were out of the airport in 5 minutes, so that was nice after all the waiting in The Netherlands. We went into the train to Brighton. In Brighton we decided to walk instead of taking the bus. That was not such a good idea. It was a 5km walk, and we were already tired. Finally we arrived at the hotel with sore feet!


The room was lovely! Really cute.


We let our feet rest for a bit and after that we went to grab some food at KFC. After that we went to Tesco to buy some drinks, and we went back to the hotel again. We sat in front of the hotel for a while and went to bed early, we were really becoming zombies at this point!

On Tuesday we woke up early again. We sat in front of the hotel in the lovely sun drinking some Rockstar.


The beach is across from the hotel, so we packed our things and went to sit by the beach. It just looks so pretty!


The weather was lovely like you can see!


And just look at these cute beach huts, I just couldn’t get enough of them! After that we just walked around in Hove and visit some shops. We went to Superdrug and Boots and I bought these cute cozy socks and 2 concealers that I wanted to try for ages!

PinitProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

We again went to Tesco for some food and drinks and sat by the beach again. It was a calming day today. Back in the hotel we ordered some room service. We ordered some Fish & Chips and it was super yummy!


In the evening we watched some tv and went to bed early again.

On Wednesday we went to the ATM go get some money for the bus. Walking back to the hotel something shocking happened. Pewdiepie went past us while jogging! :O Can you believe that? PEWDIEPIE! I just got all quiet! We went to Brighton by bus and it was a really nice experience. In this city I got really dizzy, I don’t know why, it felt like the ground was moving, really weird! I had that feeling the whole time while I was in England, strange. We went to sit down for a bit and grabbed a Starbucks and I got a lemon pound-cake. We went to some shops to look around and went back to the hotel. I made some lovely pictures while sitting in the bus.


I don’t know why but I just love this picture, it just screams England to me 🙂


Another picture in the city.


And some nice beachy views! Back at the hotel we ate some noodles and watched some tv. I was so cold! There was a film on so we watched that and went to bed.

On Thursday we sat outside in front of the hotel again.


We decided to take a walk in Hove. We went to Claires to take a look around. We walked a bit further, and we came out in Brighton, which was not our plan haha! We also saw some nice old buildings which were beautiful!


The houses are also so old and pretty! I love it! It was really cold today, but although it was really cold we still decided to grab a frappy, lol.


We went to the mall and went in some shops. We also went to Boots to look around. We walked back to the hotel again, walking back was a lot harder!


Luckily there was a lot to see! I love these artworks that are all over Brighton! Back at the hotel we rest for a bit and after that we went to Tesco for some food again. We had some dinner and I took a shower. We watched tv and went to bed!

On Friday we went to the city again. We went to Lush. Believe it or not but that was my first time! I bought my first ever Bathbomb! I chose the Frozen bathbomb, it smelled delicious! We sat by the mall, watching people and listening to a girl who was singing. She had an amazing voice! We also went to the Brighton Pier! It was really nice and lovely.


The view was also really amazing!


After that we had dinner at Mac Donalds and went to Waitrose for some drinks. We went back to the hotel and watched a bit of tv. I was really tired so I went to bed really early.

On Saturday the weather wasn’t as lovely 🙁 We sat in front of the hotel again and the sun came through, yay! Today was a little bit of a relaxing day again. We walked in hove and sat there for a bit. We went to Tesco for some food and ate something in the hotel. In the evening I took a bath with my new bathbomb! It looked so pretty!


It was so blue and glittery! We watched a bit of tv and went to bed.

On Sunday we sat in front of the hotel again. We walked to Brighton and on our way we grabbed a Starbucks. My boyfriend was using my name for the cup. the girl found it so cute and she called me a lucky girl, haha. I got a special cup, yay!

Pinitdear-diary-week-26-4 brighton

We sat in Brighton for a while and then we headed to the hotel again. We went to grab some drinks again, and guess who we saw! Poppy and Sean! How lucky are we!? I spot every YouTube star! In the evening we watched a film and went to bed.

Alright guys, this was the first week of my holiday! Tomorrow part 2 is gonna be online, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading this oh so long Dear Diary, and I will see you all tomorrow!


Have you ever been in Brighton? Let me know in the comments!


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