My Holiday To Brighton – Part 2 | Dear Diary Week 27.

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My Holiday To Brighton – Part 2 | Dear Diary Week 27.

Hi Blushies! Time for part 2, as promised! These were my last few days in Brighton, and then it was time to go home again! *sadface* So if you wanna know what I did on my last few days in Brighton, then keep on reading!

If you haven’t read Part 1 already, make sure to give that one a read as well!

On Monday we had decided to go shopping. I was so excited, I’ve been waiting for this day since the moment I got here! Unfortunately my boyfriend got sick today, but that didn’t stop us. We went to the city, and we went into New Look first. We also went to H&M, Primark, Deichmann and a lot more shops. I’m so happy with my new goodies! There is gonna be a proper haul on my blog soon about everything I bought, so don’t worry! Here is a little sneak peek.


My boyfriend didn’t feel any better, a little worse actually so we went to sit down for a bit. It was not really the day that we expected it to be, but that’s alright. We went back to the hotel quite early because he was not feeling so well. Back at the hotel he laid in bed and I made some pictures of my new goodies. In the evening we had some dinner in the hotel again. I ordered a 4 egg omelet with cheese and ham, and it was delicious!


In the evening we just watched a bit of tv and went to bed.

On Tuesday he was feeling a little bit better luckily! We sat outside the hotel for a while, and after that we went to Claires for a new nose ring. We walked to the city again after that.


It just looks so nice. It’s such a nice place to walk. I also made this gorgeous picture, I love it!

PinitProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

My boyfriend bought some new shoes, and we sat by the mall again. It is such a nice place to sit, I’m really gonna miss that spot! We also went to Boots for some presents for my parents, I really hope they’re gonna like it. We took the bus back to the hotel. We went to Tesco for some food again, and ate something back at the hotel. In the evening we watched a bit of tv again and went to bed.

On Wednesday it was the last official day in England. Tomorrow we need to go home again. We sat in front of the hotel for a bit, and after that we walked around Hove. I really wanted to make some nice photos, so this was a photo taking day, haha. When we sat in front of the hotel, and I saw a really nice photo opportunity. I think it turned out pretty cool!


We walking along the beach which I also made photos of.


There were a lot of seagulls, so of course they needed to be in the spotlight as well!


Don’t they look cute? 🙂 We walked through Hove, and made some pictures there as well.


I also wanted to make a picture while crossing the street, I don’t know why, maybe I’m just a bit weird, haha.


We walked a bit further. In part 1 I already talked about the pretty old buildings, so I also made a pretty picture of that.


I wanted to find a park, but we couldn’t really find a proper one unfortunately. I only knew some small ones. When we walking to the little park I made a picture of this church, which looks so awesome!


We finally found the little park, so we sat there for a little while.


We also came across another park, and for the first time in my life I saw a squirrel! He looked so cute, I really wish I could make a picture of it, but he was so fast. I did make a photo of that park as well.


We decided after that to go to the beach and sit there. I again made a picture of a Brighton Snowdogs statue.


It was pretty cloudy today, like you can see, but it does look cool! We sat on the beach throwing rocks in to the water. We had a lot of fun! The waves were really big because it was pretty windy. I made this picture of my boyfriend at the beach, doesn’t he look bad-ass? haha!


I really love this picture! There was also a seagull wanting to pose for a picture. It was a real top model!


Sorry for the picture overload, but I thought it would be nice to show some 🙂 Back at the hotel I discovered I had a blister on my little toe, which was so painful! We went to Tesco again and bought some chocolate to take home to The Netherlands. I’m really gonna miss this chocolate, haha. In the evening I took a shower, watched some tv and went to bed!

On Thursday it was time to go home again, booohooo!! We woke up early and packed our things. We checked out of the hotel and off we went again! Although our flight was on 6.30pm, we just wanted to be on time. We walked to Hove train station, and went to London Gatwick. Of course we were way too early. We walked and sat around on the airport for a few hours. It was a bit boring. Finally it was time to check in! In security I got stopped because the alarm went off. Again a problem with my shoes. I don’t know why, maybe they smelled too bad haha! It all went quite quick this time. We were flying in the dark which was nice. I loved the little lights, it looked like a miniature Christmas town. The sunset was also really amazing! It was all rainbow and bright red! I was less dizzy this time, so it went well!

Pinitdear-diary-week-27-1 brighton

Back in The Netherlands my boyfriends brother was waiting on us. He was pretty happy to see us again! I ate some chicken nuggets at Burger King, and after that we went home. I was really tired and my throat really hurt. The moon was super big, I’ve never seen the moon so big, it was really pretty! Back home I saw my little furbaby again. She needed to think for a moment, but when she realized it was me she was really happy to see me again. We almost went straight to bed, we were so tired. My mom left some welcome home flowers, which was so sweet of her!

Friday was our first day back home again, it’s so weird to be back again haha! Today was a bit of a relaxing day. I didn’t feel too well, and I think I’m also getting sick. I spent the whole day lazy on the couch, not doing much, just some YouTube and tv. I made a new blog planning and in the evening we watched some Vampire Diaries.

On Saturday I was really getting sick 🙁 I’m glad I didn’t get sick on holiday, but getting sick the first day at home is also not really nice. I watched some YouTube again and unboxed my StyleTone box and made some pictures of it. We sat on the patio for a while and in the evening I took a shower and watched the Vampire Diaries again.

On Sunday I was still not feeling much better. I watched some YouTube, made some pictures and did some blog stuff. In the evening I ate mac ‘n cheese and wrote a blogpost. We watched a couple of episodes again and went to bed.

Sorry for the boring end of the week, but when you’re sick you’re not doing very much haha!

Thank you all for reading lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful week and I will see you all next time!


What is your favorite travel destination? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Sylvia
    October 26, 2016

    I love my presents, thank you! I am happy that you are home save xxx

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