How I Clean My Makeup Brushes.

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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes.

As much as I love makeup, you also need brushes for that, but those brushes get dirty very quickly. Today my makeup brushes are taking a bath. I’ll show you How I Clean My Makeup Brushes! What technique am I using? Keep reading and find out!

Pinithow i clean my makeup brushes

I don’t have a certain day or time that I clean my makeup brushes. It depends on what I did with them and how well they still perform. Don’t worry most times it’s not longer then 2 weeks before I clean them. I just got a brush cleanse egg, so I’m cleaning my brushes with that. Before I had my brush cleanse egg I used the palm of my hand, but this is way more easier and not so drying to my hands! In a bowl I mix some baby shampoo and a little bit of olive oil. The olive oil moisturizes my brushes so they won’t get dry or stiff, it keeps them really soft. I find the baby shampoo technique way better then using aggressive brush cleansers. It’s way more gentle, so my brushes will live a lot longer. Let’s clean!

Pinithow i clean my makeup brushes (1)

Here are my brushes! It’s not all of them, because not all of them were dirty. My Real Techniques stippling brush is very dirty like you can see, but I’ll promise you it will be all white again when I’m done! 🙂

Pinithow i clean my makeup brushes (2)

Sorry for the bad quality, but my bathroom lighting is not really the best to take pictures in! What I do to clean my brushes, I wet my brush first, then I dip it in my baby shampoo mixture. After that I swirl my brush around on my brush egg until it gets really foamy. When I think my brush is all clean, I rinse it with water and gently squeeze out the shampoo. I’ll continue doing that until the water runs clear! I don’t have a brush drying standard yet, so I place my clean brushes on a towel. I do the rest of my brushes the same way. When all the brushes are clean, I’ll dry off the handles and gently squeeze out the exces water between the towel. Now I’ll shape them a little bit so they won’t dry all messy. I’ll now just leave them on the towel to dry! A couple hours later when they’re a little bit more dry, I separate the bristles a little bit so they’re not that flat! Let’s see the end result!

Pinithow i clean my makeup brushes (3)

Here they are! Fresh and clean, and look my stippling brush is white again! YAY! They feel so soft because of the olive oil, I love it. If you have sensitive skin, I really recommend doing it this way instead of using brush cleaning sprays. There are a lot of chemicals in those sprays and you might get a reaction if you have sensitive eyes. Baby shampoo is really safe, for your skin and your brushes!

I hope you liked this post and that it comes to good use for you!


How do you clean your makeup brushes? I really wanna know! Let me know in the comments!


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