How I Remove My Blackheads. (Routine)

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How I Remove My Blackheads. (Routine)

Good day my loves! Today I’m gonna tell you my blackhead removal routine. If you wanna know how I remove my blackheads, then keep on reading!

Blackheads…. The most wasteful things you can get on your face. The removal is difficult, and they come back as quick as you can blink. Today I’m gonna tell you how I remove mine. This routine works for me, but maybe not with everyone. Let’s tame these monsters!

Step 1: Cleanse.

Step one is very easy. You want to start off with a fresh clean face. I use my Nivea cleansing mouse and my silicon facial brush. If you don’t have an exfoliation brush, you can also use a scrub after your cleanser to make everything really clean!

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Step 2: Warm it up!

This step is really helping to get everything out! Take a wash cloth and make it wet under warm water. Place it over your nose (or anywhere you have blackheads). Keep it on there for a couple of minutes. If the cloth gets cold, put it under some hot water again. If you want to do this step real good and don’t want to be lazy you can steam your face also. Take a bowl and put boiling water in it. Rest your face 20 cm over the bowl and cover your head with a towel – so the steam doesn’t escape. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

By steaming your face you open up your pores, so the gunk can come out much more easy!

Step 3: Stick it on.

Now you’re ready to pick your favorite nose-strip. I have one from Nivea again. These ones are the best I have tried so far. They smell nice like lemons, and they do their job really well. I leaves my nose so soft. A big plus is that there are also chin and forehead strips in it. Follow the instructions on your chosen strips. When pulling off the strip make sure you do it as slowly as you can! By ripping it off like a band aid nothing has the time to come out or stick to the strip. If you’re like me and you love these gross things, take a flashlight and take a look at the strip, you can see the results way better! 🙂

Pinithow i remove my blackheads (routine) (3)

Step 4: Take them on a spooning date!

We are not done yet! Strips are awesome, but most of the time they don’t pull out every little blackhead! Use a comedone extractor for those stubborn left behind blackheads. It can be a bit painful, and scary but it works wonders! Carefully push them out and your nose looks much better!

Pinithow i remove my blackheads (routine) (4)

Step 5: Last step!

Blackheads have a lot of germs and bacteria. Make sure you clean up very well. Also use a toner afterwards to close the pores again and make them clean. Now your nose is all shiny and new again! If you really want to step up your blackhead game you can also use a facial mask afterwards for an extra clean 🙂


I hope you all find this helpful! Good luck banning those monster from your nose!


What is your holy-grail blackhead remover tip? Let me know in the comments!


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