How I Used To Do My Makeup!

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How I Used To Do My Makeup!

Hi loves! I saw this thing everywhere on YouTube where people recreate their makeup looks from when they were younger, I loved that idea! So if you wanna see my version on it then keep on reading!

Today I have 5 makeup looks for you guys. They were my go to makeup looks. They’re not really special, and some look very similar to one another, but I still like to show you all šŸ™‚ These looks are from the age of 12 when I just started makeup, till around 18! Let’s go!


These were my makeup essentials back in the day, and I still have them! There is only one thing that’s not on this picture and that is my Essence Mousse foundation. Although I never really liked wearing foundation, not then and not even now, I don’t like it when my skin can’t breathe. The other thing I forgot to put in this picture is my Vaseline Rosy Lips. I loved that stuff, and I wore it every single day. Alright let’s take a look to makeup look number 1.


When I was about 12 I started wearing makeup. My hair was short and my brows and lashes were non existent (on the photo they are still darker than my naturel brows because of the eyebrow dye). I was only aloud to wear a bit of mascara and eye pencil at that time. Back in the day you were far too young at 12 to wear makeup, but because of my short hair and the lack of color in my face, I was aloud because I didn’t want to look like a boy. I still think it looks so crazy when my eyebrows aren’t done especially because I walked around like this till I was 15! Also I was always walking around with mascara on my eyelids, and not even a little bit, it was a mess! I was just too lazy to take it off, and the worse thing is that even when I grew older I still was too lazy, sometimes even nowadays, OOPS!


When I was 16 I felt a bit more adventurous, and fell in love with eyeshadow for the first time. I loved the purple eyeshadow and bold lashes, I thought that it really made my eyes pop, and don’t forget the bits of mascara on my lids haha! I started doing my brows at this time, but I think I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was all wonky, uneven and all over the place. Ā I also sometimes changed the look up with some brown eyeshadow and red lips. I loved wearing red lipstick from time to time.


And then this came along… Let’s just say that eyebrows weren’t my thing even from the start. I decided to buy a dark brown eye pencil to fill in my brows with, because I thought my other one was too light. Stupid enough I didn’t think this one was way too dark. If that’s not bad enough they were always really oneven, not even kidding. One brow was thin and the other thick and way higher up! I’m so ashamed, how could I walk around like that! I also hit the dark fase, and I wore a dark brown or black eyeshadow. I loved the smokiness, and I still do!


Yep, the strong brow game continued sadly enough. When I saw on the internet that copper/orange tones bring out blue eyes I ran to the store to buy a bronze eyeshadow. I was around 17/ 18 years old. I also always loved the look of winged eyeliner, but I was never good at it (it’s still a struggle). Even though it looked wonky half of the time, I did wear my eyeliner with pride!

Pinithow-i-used-to-do-my makeup-6

And now we are here. No crazy brows, and some better eyeshadow skills. I think my look improved a lot over the years, but some things never change. I still like to wear my brown smoky eye look, I literally wear that look for years now, haha. I still don’t like to fuzz around with my face, only on special days I wear foundation, blush and contour, just not for everyday.

Of course I had many different looks over the years, but these were my go to looks. Sometimes I did wear foundation (that was way too orange for me), and pink and red lipstick or an eyeliner. I hope you liked reading this post! I have some old photos of my makeup in the thumbnail, if you wonder how I looked like šŸ™‚

I hope you had a nice day and I will see you all next time!


What was your go-to look when you were younger? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Alexis Renae Griggs
    September 26, 2016

    I was actually thinking of doing this on my blog! I love seeing how everyone wore their makeup when they were younger. Lovely post!

    • Beauty-Blush
      September 26, 2016

      Nice, you should! I love watching those video’s on YouTube, it always looks so different! Thanks for reading dear! X

  • Wendy
    September 26, 2016

    OMG – Fab post! Very funny… I don’t think I can even remember what makeup I wore when I was in my teens. I do recall though that it was all the ‘BIBA’ look and I had the iconic Biba posters of Twiggy with smoky eyes on my bedroom wall. (I know you won’t know the ‘original’ BIBA but it has had a recent revival..) .. x

    • Beauty-Blush
      September 26, 2016

      Thanks haha! I don’t know what Biba is unfortunately, but I’m glad you enjoyed reading thanks love X

  • Sylvia
    September 26, 2016

    Jammer dat je niet gewoon je oude foto’s erbij hebt gezet, was misschien duidelijker geweest?

    • Beauty-Blush
      September 26, 2016

      De kwaliteit van m’n oude foto’s waren heel slecht, zeker uitvergroot dus op deze manier kon ik ze er toch een soort van bij doen omdat ze klein waren šŸ™‚ X

  • FORME magazine
    September 27, 2016

    Great post! it’s always interesting to see how others did their make up. And I’ve been loving that tag on YouTube as well! @formemagazine

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