I Can’t Believe I Did It!

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Hi guys! First things first a little bit about yesterday. Yesterday wasn’t really super interesting to write a while blog post about so I’m combining it with this one. Yesterday I went to work for the first time in a month I think. I don’t know but when you don’t go for so long you’re really not looking forward to going again.

Luckily it was not too busy and we were done a half hour early, that meant I went home early as well which is rare. Perry was not home which is also rare lol, just kidding but still we’re always together for 5 years without a day being apart and now he’s gone for almost 2 days! One thing that was exciting about this day is that I had an order that would be arriving today which I’m so excited about as I wanted this for a good few months. It might sound lame but they’re badminton things, especially shoes. Badminton is one of my most loved hobbies so I love getting new things. When I started again in September I didn’t have any good inside sport shoes I only got running shoes that were meant for the outside so they didn’t have anti slip and I was constantly slipping away which really annoyed me as my performance when down because of it. I really wanted good shoes that were intended for badminton and then I saw some awesome black with red Yonex shoes and I needed to have them, months of waiting and now I could finally order them because Christmas happened haha! I also ordered a Yonex t shirt and I got a free t shirt as well because I spend over a certain amount of money. Everything is so lovely and I was super happy when it arrived. I can’t wait to put it on use this Friday when I have a game.

On to this day…

Perry already left when I woke up, his dad needed surgery today so he went with him. He was going to be home later in the evening and I’ve never been alone for a whole day since we are living together which is super weird. So today I had a day on my own. I had an important thing to do today which has something to do with the title of this post. I needed to go for a run again but not just like any other run, I needed to run for 20 minutes straight! I know it doesn’t sound much maybe but I was really dreading this moment from the day I started the couch to 5k challenge. The last run I did I only needed to run for 8 minutes straight so 20 was a big leap. And guess what even though with all my doubts I DID IT! And I really can’t believe it, I’ve never run this long in my life and I’m so proud of myself! I think when I finished the 8 weeks, I’m now starting week 6, I will make a whole post about my experience, sounds good? 🙂

I also went into town today to get some yarn for a custom order for my brother in law and some other bits and pieces. I needed some things in the sale but guess what everything that I needed was sold out, I so HATE when this happens, it’s like people do it on purpose to annoy me or something. They didn’t have my conditioner and also not my vitamins which I really wanted on the sale so I guess I need to come back tomorrow or the day after before the sale runs out, ugh #rant. Still it was weird doing all these things alone because me and my boyfriend do everything together. Back home I did some laundry folding and walked the dog. I also cooked some dinner and ate it, all alone.. lol. Now I’m sitting on the couch waiting for Perry to come home so I can reheat his dinner, but I still need to wait almost 2 hours… tomorrow I need to play competition which I’m quite excited about. That was everything that was on my mind so I think I’ll leave it to this and I will see you all very soon!

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