I Dyed My Hair! | Dear Diary… Week 11.

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I Dyed My Hair! | Dear Diary… Week 11.

Hi lovelies! Another Dear Diary! This week I went to the zoo, bought some new things, and dyed my hair again! Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I cleaned my jewelry, now they’re all blingy and shiny again πŸ™‚ I also cleaned the litter box (very interesting). After that I got dressed and went to the local drugstore to buy some things. I bought a new foundation, mascara, red lipstick, brow-gel, and I wanted to try out the Garnier Micellair cleansing water, so I bought that one as well.

Pinitdear diary week 11 (2)

I had some dinner and wrote a new post. In the evening we watched the last episode of OITNB, such a cliff hanger! Really wanna know how it continues πŸ™

On Tuesday I got up early because we went to the zoo in Antwerp (Belgium). We went by train, and the weather was super lovely. The only time I went to the zoo I was very little, and I don’t really remember anything from it, so it was a new thing for me. I had a lot of fun! I brought my camera and made some super pretty pictures which I’m very happy with!

Pinitdear diary week 11 (5)

When we had seen everything we went to grab something to eat in McDonalds. After that we went to get some Starbucks and went back home by train. My feet were so tired!! At home we just relaxed and watched some tv. Today was a lot of fun!

On Wednesday I was not feeling too well, and I didn’t go to work. I just chilled out today and grab some rest, watching tv and writing a post.

On Thursday I went to the store for some cleaning products, what is life right? I also decided that I wanted to dye my hair again, I felt a little boring with my brown hair. So I also picked up some bleach, because I’m going back to blonde again. At home I was quite scared to bleach my hair, I was afraid that it would turn out very ugly, orange and dead,but I did it and it turned out just how I wanted! It was quite damaged unfortunately, so after I bleached it I did some coconut oil and a super hydrating hair mask in my hair. In the meanwhile I ate some dinner, and an hour later I took a shower and rinsed it out. It was feeling much better after, so I’m very happy! My hair survived! In the evening we watched a series again. This is the result of my hair:

Pinitdear diary week 11 (4)

On Friday I watched some YouTube. In the afternoon my StyleTone XL Limited Edition BoxΒ arrived, and I was so excited! I unboxed it and made some pictures. Of course I wrote my unboxing post immediately!

Pinitdear diary week 11 (3)

In the evening I went horseback riding. The weather was pretty awful unfortunately. There was only 2 of us, so it was a quiet lesson. Back home we watched a series again and went to sleep!

On Saturday I didn’t really do much. I watched some YouTube and in the afternoon I was blogging the whole time. In the evening we sat outside and gamed for a while.

On Sunday quite the same day as yesterday. I really want to pre-write some blogposts, and get more organized. I also made some photos and in the evening I watched some tv, quite a boring day!

That was my week! I hope you had a great week as well!


Do you dye your hair? What is your favorite hair color? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    July 5, 2016

    Leuk dat jullie naar de dierentuin geweest zijn ^^ Je hebt er mooie foto’s gemaakt!
    En je haar ziet er leuk uit zo πŸ˜€

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