I HEART MAKEUP | Blushing Hearts.

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I HEART MAKEUP | Blushing Hearts.

Look at this gorgeous blush from Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup! It’s a well-known dupe for the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush. Only this one is a lot cheaper! Wanna see how this blush performs?

Piniti heart makeup blushing hearts 2

Here it is! Look at that adorable packaging! I really love how it looks, it just looks too cute! It is a carbon heart packaging in a pretty blushy pink color. The writing on it is metallic pink. It is a triple baked blusher, so there are 3 blush colors, and they’re all combined is this lovely heart box! Mine is in the color Candy Queen Of Hearts!

Piniti heart makeup blushing hearts 5

TADAA!! Look at those colors! I wanted this blush for a long time, and I don’t know why but I kept walking away from it. Because it was back in stock I decided to finally buy it, and I must say I’m very happy with it!

Piniti heart makeup blushing hearts 3

A little closer look to this shiny blush. There are 3 colors; A bright pink color, a peachy color and a more dusky rose color. Like you can see they are all quite shimmery, luckily not a bunch of glitter. I don’t really think glitter looks that natural on the skin, so I like that it is a shimmer and not a glitter!

The packaging is also kinda handy! When you swirl your brush around in the blush there is no fallout everywhere because of the higher rim. Very nice thought! Let’s move on to the swatch!

Piniti heart makeup blushing hearts 4

Here I swatched the blush on my arm, my camera wasn’t very nice to me today, so the picture doesn’t do this beautiful blush its justice, unfortunately. The blush is a really light pinky peachy color on the skin. Because I have such light skin, it shows up okay, but I think if you have a darker complexion it won’t show up that much. It has a lovely shimmer to it which I’m in love with! I’ve worn this blush everyday since I’ve got it, and I really like the effect it gives to my cheeks! I look very healthy and glowy. I must say I prefer my blush a little darker then this one, but maybe it’s just something to get used to. The only downside of this blush is that the lasting power isn’t very strong. The color stays on okay, but the shimmer disappears quite easily 🙁 All by all, I’m very happy with this blush from I HEART MAKEUP! It’s one of my faves now!


Have you guys tried this blush already? Let me know in the comments!


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